Charge The Samsung Galaxy S21 With An Old Charger, Is It Possible? How Long It Takes?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes without a charger in the box, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy one to be able to charge it fast.

The Samsung Galaxy S21s come without a charger included in the box. That, however, does not mean that you have to buy a new one to take advantage of the fast charging included in the new terminals.

Since Samsung has been betting on USB Power Delivery technology for some years to give life to the fast charging systems of its terminals, it is possible to use old chargers and those of other brands to be able to quickly recharge any of the three models of the Galaxy S21 series.

But keep in mind that not all chargers work, since the new S21 support is introduced for the system called USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply, or USB PD PPS. For this reason, today we wanted to review the requirements that chargers must meet to be able to recharge the models of the family taking advantage of their fast charging technology, as well as giving you some affordable options available on the market.