Create your own Wireless adapter for Xbox360 and forget about cables

Create your own Wireless adapter for Xbox360 and forget about cables

It must be recognized that the American giant, Microsoft, is doing things well in this generation. Or at least we can consider that you have an ideally studied business plan and that, little by little, you are complying with the guidelines set on your route.

A powerful console that has been falling in price to establish itself as an exciting option and take into account. However, the excellent offer maintains a black spot that continues to sound like the discordant note in any pack. The absence of wi-fi to access the internet wirelessly.

Granted, you can buy the adapter that Microsoft sells, but its prohibitive price, which is around 90 euros, makes the option almost instantaneously dismissed. Considering that packs have been seen with the console at 149 euros, it is crazy and nearly insane that a simple USB wi-fi adapter can cost 90 euros. Assuming that Microsoft’s solution is not suitable for all budgets … how about we try to build our own?

It is not exactly making a USB device, but the result will be the same, and we will be able to connect to our network wirelessly.

According to the instructions that PopSci has provided, the only thing we need is an older router that we no longer use. We will configure it to act as the emitter above USB that Microsoft sells.

Create your own Wireless adapter for Xbox360 and forget about cables 1

For this, we will have to follow these steps (it is a direct translation of the original article, so you can refer to it to answer questions).

1) Before buying or getting the router that we need to connect to Xbox, we must make sure that the software that we are going to install supports that model. So we will click here and download the appropriate software for the router that we have.

It may involve changing the network parameters on our computer. 2) Let’s follow the specific instructions that the previous website provides for each router. We connect the router that we have obtained to the modem of our computer with Ethernet cables and update the router with the latest firmware available via DD-WRT Software.

3) We type the router’s IP address in an open window of our browser, which should take us to the DD-WRT software interface. We will change the characteristics of the router to “client mode.”

Place the router near the Xbox 360 and plug it in using a short ethernet cable. 4) Disconnect the cables and restore the original network settings on the computer. Turn on the console and connect to Xbox Live.

I hope that one of them has been successful; if you try and succeed, you can share it with the rest of the readers. Good luck, gentlemen.