Paralives: the rival of The Sims that pushes customization to the limit and even lets you decide which side the roll of paper hangs on


The indie scene has a promising new star on the horizon. It is called Paralives and, although it has been in development for about a year and it is unknown when it will finally arrive on Steam, its potential has begun to gain integers in recent weeks.

Paralives wants to be the indie version of The Sims and, without rivaling EA’s game in size and budget, has chosen the best route: to try to improve the original idea by offering more customization and attention to detail.

The boundaries of the plots, the curves of the walls, the size of the windows, the appearance and dimensions of the objects … A fantastic range of decisions that will allow you to take the creation of houses, furniture, and characters to a new level.

To all this will be added, how could it be otherwise in a title of this style, the social management of our protagonists in their day-to-day life in an open-world city with shops, parks, workplaces, and special events?

That is precisely the part in which Paralives still has a lot to prove, and that is that until now, it seems to have focused its promotion on the decoration side, and there is much to see from everything else. Here you have a good handful of videos in which you can see how it has evolved.