Game over for Q12 and HQ Trivia: goodbye to the apps that promised to revolutionize TV game shows

In Google Play, there are many applications of all kinds, such as the one that allows you to follow all flights in real-time. However, only one of them had managed to get thousands of people to connect every day at 10:00 p.m., and that is none other than Q12 Trivia. An app that allowed users to earn 500 euros every day if they could answer twelve questions well in a ten-minute live session, or up to 2,000 euros. A game that was based on HQ Trivia and that promised to revolutionize television contests.

However, despite becoming the phenomenon of the moment a few years ago, both trivia games have come to an end. The first of them, Q12 Trivia, which was born in the wake of HQ Trivia, has not been operational since last December 15 and, as pointed out by El Confidencial, it has still not offered news since January 7, 2020. The last known of this application is that it is in an update period that would last, initially, only a few days.

Some details that invite you to think that the application has closed forever, something that could be sensed because, for some time, Q12 Trivia had not gone through its best stage. The application has been with the supposed update for almost two months. The fact that the official profile of the game has not given information through social networks for weeks only indicates that this game that hooked thousands of users has come to an end.

HQ Trivia closed its doors on February 14, 2020

HQ Trivia closed its doors on February 14 2020

The fate of HQ Trivia has not been much different since, after a failed acquisition by an investment banking company, the company officially closed its doors on February 14, 2020, laying off its 25 employees, as reported from CNN. Its mechanics were similar to Q12, as players were eligible to win real money if they were able to complete a 15-minute long live trivia game.

, The original concept of HQ, according to its founders Rus Yusupov and Kroll, was to develop a network of interactive shows on mobile devices. During its beginnings, it had a large audience, but with time, specifically after two years, it was declining. Some applications promised to revolutionize television contests but have finally ended up closing.