DNI 4.0 on the mobile: what it is, how to order it and when the app will arrive

DNI 4.0 is how the next version of the DNI is known, the one that, finally, will allow users to carry their identification cards on their mobile phones. In a society in which most people have a personal smartphone, it is necessary to offer the possibility of always carrying documentation with us digitally.

It seems that with the DNI 4.0, it will soon be possible, so in this guide, we will explain all the data related to its main characteristics, how it can be ordered and when the app will arrive. For now, this is all we know about the version of the DNI that will take it to your smartphone.

DNI 4.0 on the mobile

The app to carry your DNI on your mobile has been highly requested in recent years.

What is DNI 4.0, and how to carry it on your mobile

The DNI 4.0 is the new version of the Spanish National Identity Document. After DNI 3.0, which allows you to use your mobile as an electronic DNI reader, the card that can be carried on your mobile phone is here. This option has been highly requested by users, especially after learning that the driver’s license can now be carried on the smartphone with my DGT app.

The Ministry of the Interior announced this commitment to the digital DNI during the presentation of the General State Budgets since 6.5 million euros are destined for the development of the DNI 4.0 project – in addition to other objectives -, according to Newtral. . This DNI 4.0 is divided into two elements: a new card with a microchip-based on the ARM Cortex M architecture, and an application called “DNIe ON THE MOBILE” that will serve just that, to carry the document on the phone.

It is true that with the electronic DNI, you can already carry out certain procedures online in Public Administration. Still, it does not offer you the possibility of identifying yourself when you leave the card at home. This will no longer be a problem because, with the DNI 4.0 that came into effect on August 2, 2021, you can show the identification on your mobile through the app above.

The possibility of carrying the DNI on the phone is the most striking. Still, the new version of the national identity document also has a faster and more powerful operation thanks to integrating a new chip. This allows an improved performance concerning DNI 3.0, both in terms of functionality and security.

With this project, and in the words of Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, smartphones will become “digital identity supports that will allow citizens to prove their affiliation data, address, handwritten signature, and validity of the DNI”. Knowing that mobile is already a primary tool in our lives, this step towards the DNI of the future is essential.

When will the app arrive

The app to have the DNI on the mobile is under development.

The arrival of the takeaway application on the smartphone has already been announced and confirmed, but the exact date on which it will be launched is unknown. It is expected to be available for Android and iOS devices and will arrive before the end of 2021.

At the moment, according to the latest official information published in November 2020, we only know that it is in the development phase. It is to be hoped that during these months, the project has advanced and that there are not many left for the official launch of the app.

How to request the DNI 4.0

The procedures to obtain the DNI 4.0 do not vary concerning the DNI 3.0. You can make an appointment through the National Police website and then go on the chosen day and date with the necessary documentation to the corresponding dispatch office. We remember that the price of the DNI fees is 12 euros, although you can get the DNI 4.0 for free if you meet a series of requirements.

Regarding the registration in the app, we expect a similar procedure to the one that must be followed to use the PIN code on Android. After downloading the official application, you may have to fill out an application with your details and perhaps enter a verification code sent by SMS to confirm your identity. If it is confirmed that it is similar to the use of the PIN code, the DNI could only be carried on a single smartphone at a time.

At the moment, everything is speculation about the arrival of the app to carry the DNI on the mobile and the procedure that will have to be followed to use it. As soon as we have more information, we will update this guide to bring it to you.