The 9 best alternatives to News Republic that you can use on Android

The News Republic was one of the best applications to inform you about the latest news that you could use on Android. And yes, we speak in the past tense because the app is no longer available on Google Play. The world does not end for this reason, as there are good alternatives to the News Republic that you can download to keep up with the news.

ByteDance, a company known for being the owner of TikTok, decided to end the existence of the News Republic in March 2021. After its disappearance, we have analyzed the Play Store for applications that offer similar functions, and these are the best for reading news that we have found.

The 9 best alternatives to News Republic that you can use on Android

Best alternatives to the News Republic that you can use on Android

Google Play Store is a place where applications abound and those dedicated to informing users about current events. If you do not want to miss anything that happens around you with the help of your favorite media, these alternatives to the News Republic can be of great help to you.

In our selection, you will find well-known applications, such as Flipboard, and others less popular and offer excellent performance, such as Fresh News. Next, we know the main characteristics of each of them.

  • Flipboard
  • Google Discover
  • Microsoft News
  • Fresh News
  • Telegram
  • Stories Now
  • Feedly
  • Inoreader



One of the best alternatives to the News Republic is Flipboard, an application in which you can select the topics that interest you the most to show you those stories, news, and articles in general related.

You can also check the breaking news, regardless of category, and bookmark the articles you liked the most. Also, you can add Flipboard widgets to your Android home screen to get the latest news more directly.

Google Discover

Google Discover

Google Discover is the news section present in most Android terminals that shows you the usual news related to your searches. Usually, you just have to swipe right from the home screen to access this feed, also present in the Google application.

When you get to the end of the section, you can access more information by clicking on “More news.” Without a doubt, a fast and straightforward way to find out the latest news on the topics that interest you the most.


Huawei also has its news application so that its users do not miss a single news detail. Its name is SQUID, and you can download it whether you have a smartphone from a Chinese firm.

In the beginning, you can select the country about which you want to receive the news and also the topics that interest you the most. Later, if you’re going to see the information more directly, you can add a widget to the home screen. There is no lack of a selection of favorite articles, the tool to share them through social networks, and, importantly, a function to block sources of information you do not trust.

Microsoft News

Microsoft could not be less and also has its news application. Those users who download it, who have already been more than 5 million on Google Play, can check the latest news on the app’s main page.

From the “Interests” section, you can select the topics that you like the most, such as “International,” “Spain,” or “Technology.” Plus, you can set up notifications so that Microsoft News alerts you to news events right when they happen.

Fresh News

If you want to be up to date with everything that happens in Spain and the rest of the world, you can use Fresh News, an app that you can download for free on your Android. It is an application that does not take up much space on your device. That gives you the opportunity to know the news divided into categories: Politics, Economy, Sports, Society …

Fresh News also has a feature that allows you to save news to read later, similar to what offers Pocket. Of course, you can share the information that interests you the most with your friends or post it on your social networks.


In addition to a messaging platform, Telegram is also an exciting service for breaking news. And it is that the main media have their Telegram channels to inform all subscribers of what is happening in the country and the rest of the world.

Andro4all also has a Telegram channel. You have to look for the name of the medium you want to follow to check if it has a Telegram channel or not. If the answer is yes, subscribe to the track, and through it, you will receive the latest news. Join us so that we encourage you to get to know the latest news from the Android world and technology in general.

Stories Now

The very name of this good alternative to the News Republic reveals the format it uses to show you the news. Yes, it does it in the style of Instagram Stories. After downloading, you have to subscribe to the media whose information you want to consume, and their icons will appear on the app’s main screen. Then, you only have to click on each icon to see their most recent news as if they were Stories.


One of the most popular applications for reading news on Android is Feedly, an RSS reader with a modern design that you can download for free. Also, it supports Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT, and Zapier. To read their report with the app’s optimized reader, you just have to add the information sources that interest you the most.


Although it is more unknown than those mentioned above, Inoreader is another good alternative to the News Republic that you can use on Android. It works similarly because you can select the media you trust the most and add others by entering their URL.

If you subscribe to the premium version, you will receive notifications with the latest news, translate those articles in other languages ​​and read the content without an Internet connection.