Dolby Vision Gaming Comes to Xbox Series X / S: Higher Image Quality for Over 100 Compatible Titles

In its effort to improve the performance of its systems, Microsoft has just released a new update for Xbox Series X / S, its next-generation consoles. With access for Insider members since May, features are now available Dolby Vision Gaming.

What does this translate to? First of all, we can enjoy Dolby Vision on both consoles, which results in higher image quality on the screens. For this, we must have a compatible television, and also, both Dolby and Xbox are working with the studios to make the most of this technology.

More than 100 new generation titles are optimized to squeeze Dolby Atmos, among which we find Halo Infinite along with future works. On the other hand, titles that have already been optimized with HDR10 and Auto HDR for Xbox Series X / S will see a more significant improvement with Dolby Vision-enabled televisions.

If this is our case, the image will automatically adjust to the best possible performance. Dolby Vision also features DirectX Raytracing support, ALLM low latency automatic mode, variable refresh rate (VRR, essential for works like Microsoft Flight Simulator ), and up to 120FPS.

It is important to emphasize that to get the whole Dolby experience with Dolby Atmos, you need access to Dolby Access, in addition to the aforementioned compatible television. You can check the requirements to know if your televisions are compatible with Dolby Vision Gaming through the Xbox Wire blog.