Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is official: Everything you need to know about the console without Microsoft disc reader

Xbox One S All Digital Edition is official

No rumors. Microsoft will launch this year a new console model. Although on the outside, it is very similar to the Xbox One S, the news reflected in the name is a statement of intent: the All-Digital edition will bet exclusively on the digital format.

A movement that has two extra incentives, since not only will it be launched at a discounted price, but it also marries wonderfully with a Game Pass that is gradually becoming the lung of Microsoft’s games division.

In fact, it is no coincidence that this new console has been announced almost at the same time as the new subscription model that adds the Game Pass to Xbox Live Gold. With the console and the so-called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, acquiring games is almost optional.

The keys to this long-anticipated edition:

  • It will go on sale on May 7, as planned.
  • It will cost (check price), a significant reduction compared to the model with a disc reader.
  • Its internal Hard Drive is 1TB, and, logically, each pack includes a remote.
  • Also, along with the console are copies (digital, of course) of Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of ​​Thieves, three true flagships of Microsoft Games Studios.
  • To which must be added a substantial promotion to hire Microsoft’s digital services.

The difference from the design of the Xbox One S? The All-Digital Edition looks practically the same, disappearing the slot on the front and the button to remove the disc, keeping the ventilation system intact. And it must be admitted that it is as minimalist as it is elegant.

Xbox One S All Digital Edition is official 1

Microsoft’s idea is to offer a very affordable system for everyone, perfect for those who bet on services such as Game Pass or EA Access and who feel comfortable with the digital format, but also want to use streaming systems: Netflix or Amazon can be seen in 4K HDR quality.

Xbox One S All Digital Edition is official 2

An exciting and affordable proposal on the table can already be reserved and will soon be launched worldwide. Of course, Microsoft does not leave any flank unattended and already anticipates us at E3 they will talk about their more than promising cloud game project, Project xCloud.