Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will receive in summer a third DLC based on the movie A Different Future: Gohan and Trunks


Dragon Ball Z

In the last hours, Bandai Namco has made the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour, an event dedicated to the different games Dragon Ball and in which there have been two big announcements. One has been the date on which Gogeta SS4 will arrive in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and the other is that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will expand its content in summer with a third DLC.

Like the previous two, this one will also be based on one of the anime and manga series films that have been published. However, this will make us travel to a different time because the downloadable content in question will correspond to A distant future: Gohan and Trunks .

This movie takes us back to when Androids C17 and C18 attacked Earth but leaves us with an alternate story. The difference is that Trunks did not come from the future to warn the Z Warriors of the situation; in the same way, they could not find the medicine to cure the virus that affected Goku’s heart, so that he ended up dying.

Vegeta, Piccolo, and the other characters did everything possible to defeat the Androids, although they died in the attempt. Everyone except Gohan. At that moment, the film takes a 13-year time jump, as will the DLC, as shown in its presentation trailer, in which Goku’s son will train a young Trunks to combat this significant threat and so on. Try to save the Earth.

In any case, all those who know the history of Dragon Ball Z will know very well what will happen in this DLC that will be called Trunks: The Warrior of Hope. We will wait over the next few weeks and months to see it more closely with some gameplay and know if it will introduce any news beyond this other adventure.