Free games for the weekend with Super Mario Odyssey, Forza Horizon 4 and 30 other offers and discounts that you should take advantage of

Saturday arrives, and that, in VidaExtra, is synonymous with many offers and discounts on games so that you can enjoy during the weekend. The menu, as always, is varied, and you have good fun for all platforms.

Let’s go there:

Free games this weekend

  • The Escapist is free to download from the Epic Games Store, and you keep it forever. If you like the stories in which the protagonist of the day escapes from jail, you will like it.

Free games with subscriptions

Playstation plus

  • Hitman 2 (valued at 69.99). Agent 47 returns to the fray. If you like stealth games, this is one of the best you will find.
  • Overcooked: All You Can Eat (valued at 39.99). Delicious pack that includes the two Overcooked plus all the additional content. An absolute vice, especially if you play it as a couple from the sofa. Of course, this version is only for PS5.
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds (valued at 39.99). We are facing one of those titles, asymmetric multiplayer, with four players as mercenaries and one in the role of Predator. For fans of the film saga.

Playstation plus

Xbox Live Gold

Thanks to Free Play Days for Gold members this weekend, the following titles can be tried at no cost. You don’t keep them forever. If you like them and want to keep them after trying them, you will have to buy them. The good news is that they are on sale in case you decide to checkout:

  • Golf With Your Friends (valued at 19.99 euros, now on sale for 9.99). A light-hearted miniature golf game designed primarily to be enjoyed with friends. It has a multi for up to 12 players.
  • Outward (valued at 39.99 euros, now on sale for 9.99). It will not go down in history as one of the best RPGs, but if you want to give it a bite, there you have it this weekend.
  • Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4 (valued at 69.99 euros, now on sale for 27.99). As the name itself indicates without a doubt, it is the official game of Supercross. To race with the motorcycles.

On the other hand, the Games with Gold for September that are still available for download and that you will keep as long as you have an active subscription are the following:

  • Warhammer: Chaosbane (valued at 39.99). If you’re into hack and slash and the universe Warhammer, here’s one where you can play with up to three other players.
  • Mulaka (valued at 19.99). Action-adventure with scenarios set in the north of Mexico in which you will also have to solve puzzles.
  • Samurai Shodown II (valued at 9.49). Here’s the second installment of one of the most popular fighting franchises out there. If you want to distribute bullets, then distribute pellets.

Stadia Pro

  • Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (valued at 19.99). Relatively superior to the first installment, here you have a good action game with RPG touches in which you embody Death himself.
  • Little Big Workshop (valued at 19.99). A strategy and resource management game in which you will have to take care of your factory.
  • Wave Break (valued at 24.99). Finally, this month this game with an eighties atmosphere a la Corruption in Miami, or so they say, has entered Stadia Pro, and that mixes water sports with action and explosions.

PC video game deals


  • Bayonetta for 4.99(before 19.99 euros, discount of 75%). After seeing the first Bayonetta 3 gameplay, it still makes you want to go back to the original. Now is a good time.
  • Detroit: Become Human for 19.95 (before 39.99 euros, 50% discount). Last work Quantic Dream’s to date. If you are into adventure, science fiction, and decision making, this is what you are looking for.
  • Forza Horizon 4 for 34.99(before 69.99 euros, 50% discount). see, if you want a good racing game, Let’s get this one. It is wonderful.
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II for 20.39 (before 59.99 euros, discount of 66%). Action and strategy set in Warhammer in a perfect sequel.
  • Vanquish for 4.99(before 19.99 euros, 75% discount). The action game at full speed that you must play yes or yes. He directs the very Shinji Mikami, who could already lavish more in this genre because it turned out perfect.
  • Bayonetta & Vanquish Bundle for 8.98 (before 39.98 euros, 78% discount). If you do not have either of the two games, this pack is the one for you. There is more good action in these two than in everything that has come out in the last couple of years.



  • Children of Morta for 8.79 (before 21.99 euros, 60% discount). A good roguelike, you say? Here you have one of the best we have tried. And also, watch out for its artistic section; it is pretty amazing.
  • Darksiders Genesis for 9.89 (before 29.99 euros, discount of 67%). Curious delivery that changes the gameplay and the usual perspective of the saga and comes out well, very well stopped. Hack and slash with role-playing.
  • INSIDE for 4.29 (before 16.89 euros, discount of 75%). Probably one of the best platform and puzzle games we’ve ever played. The story will leave you pretty broken.
  • Slay the Spire for 10.49 (before 20.99 euros, 50% discount). This one is for lovers’ card games. Hook like a few others; you will not stop until you reach the last level. And it is not easy.
  • Frostpunk: Game of the Year Edition for 26.19 (before 48.39 euros, discount of 46%). We end this review of the GOG offerings with an icy strategy game. Resource management, city-building, and butt survival.

Video game deals on consoles

PS4 / PS5

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition for 46.69 (before 69.99 euros, 29% discount). The trilogy in all its glory. Whether you played the original or not, this edition is a must if you are into good space science fiction stories.
  • Resident Evil 2 + Resident Evil 3 for 55.99 (before 79.99 euros, 30% discount) or 31.99 euros with PS Plus (60% discount). Take the pack with the last two remakes of the saga. Great games.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for 37.49 (before 49.99 euros, 25% discount) or 24.99 euros with PS Plus (50% discount). As long as Respawn decides on a big new Titanfall or not, this third-person adventure Star Wars is cool.
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy for 34.99 (before 49.99 euros, 30% discount) or 19.99 euros with PS Plus (60% discount). And come on another collection. Perfect this trilogy by Lara Croft; they are three gems of action and adventure.
  • Watch Dogs: Legion PS4 & PS5 for 48.99 (before 69.99 euros, 30% discount) or 27.99 euros with PS Plus (60% discount). We end with the Watch Dogs’ most recent, in this case, set in a most futuristic and crazy London. To take a good handful of hours.


Xbox One / Xbox Series

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for 41.99 (before 69.99 euros, discount of 40%). Another that gives for hours and hours of play. The classic AC formula but with a Viking flavor, hey.
  • Forza Horizon 4 for 32.49 euros (before 64.99 euros, 50% discount). Pram buggy is one of the wildest and coolest arcade racing games we can remember. We are looking forward to five.
  • Immortals Fenix Rising for 27.99 (before 69.99 euros, discount of 60%). More open-world brand of the house Ubisoft, with Prometheus, Zeus, and other gods giving the murga. Hilarious.
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate for 29.99 (before 59.99 euros, 50% discount). What better than an excellent MK to distribute hosts, right? Here there are gore thumps at close range.
  • Division 2 for 8.99 (before 29.99 euros, discount of 70%). Finally, if you are into looter shooters, Division 2 is one of the best that you will be able to try. A long game with an endgame full of things to do so you don’t get bored for months.

Nintendo Switch

  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for € 39.99 (before € 59.99, 33% discount). A Donkey Kong is a Donkey Kong and this, how could it be otherwise, offers you a platform for a tube. Note that it is not exactly an easy game.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 for 39.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 33% discount). If you have a Switch, you have to have Luigi’s Mansion 3 . This is so. Catch those ghosts. Already.
  • Splatoon 2 for 39.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 33% discount). If Nintendo does a shooter, what comes out is Splatoon. And this second installment has a good story mode and a fun multiplayer like few others. To shoot paint has been said.
  • Super Mario Odyssey for 39.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 33% discount). And well, if one of the best Mario games is on sale, then we will have to go for it. The doses of happiness increase a lot when playing Odyssey, proven.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for 39.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 33% discount). And we finish the review for the best Switch deals with this fabulous remake. Beautiful to rage and very, very funny.

Nintendo Switch

News and reservations

  • Fresh out of the oven, we have this Death Stranding Director’s Cut for 43.99 euros. It is the hyper-vitaminized and expanded version of the last game Hideo Kojima’s to date.
  • FIFA 22 can already be reserved from 69.90 euros depending on the version. The undisputed king of soccer games is back, arriving on October 1.
  • If yours is basketball, came out NBA 2K22 recently, and you have it from 55.99 euros depending on the chosen platform.
  • Death loop, the new Arkane with time loops, is for 58.49 euros.
  • Finally, we leave you with the reservation of Call of Duty: Vanguard for 74.99 euros. It will go on sale on November 5.

More offers?

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