Nintendo Switch vs. Nintendo Switch Lite: which of these two portable consoles is better?

Nintendo Switch vs. Nintendo Switch Lite

In portable game consoles, we have models to bore, some being more interesting than others. Although they lived their moment of glory (such as PSP Sony’s and PS Vita ), some have already passed into the background. And many others are still very relevant.

But if we have to stay with the undisputed king of the sector, we will probably all opt for the same video console: the Nintendo Switch. Since it was launched on the market a few years ago, it has been one of the best portable consoles, both by power and catalog. And such is its success that after the landing of the original Switch versions have not stopped succeeding.

The imminent Steam Deck, Valve’s long-awaited portable console, seems to be a formidable competitor to Nintendo’s proposals. But while the day comes when we have it among us, the Switches continue to be one of the best options we find in the market if we want to combine video games and portability.

Differences between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

After the success of the original Nintendo Switch, the arrival of new versions was only a matter of time. And so it was: at the end of 2019, the Nintendo Switch Lite was released, a variant that maintains the essence of the console although with some noticeable differences. And far from competing with his older sister, he has shown that he can coexist perfectly with her. To which the OLED Switch must be added, which, although it has not corresponded to the community’s hype, is an exciting alternative for specific users.

Differences between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

Console. But going back to the original Switch and the Lite, they deviate in a few respects beyond the noticeable differences that we see with the naked eye. The point where they differ the most is the use for which they are intended: while the Switch can be used portable and on televisions, the Switch Lite, with extreme portability as its raison d’ĂȘtre, is only suitable for playing games on its own.

This means that, for example, we cannot connect the Lite version to the dock that acts as an intermediary between the Nintendo Switch and the television where we play. Or that the side controls cannot be removed, known as Joy-Con, as they are integrated into the body of the console itself. To this, we must add that the Switch Lite is slightly smaller and lighter, as well as that its screen is smaller: 6.2 inches of the original compared to 5.5 of the ultraportable.

So far, it may seem that the Lite version only suffers cuts compared to the Switch, but nothing is further from the truth. Because one of the points in which it wins out is in autonomy: the older console stays one notch below, offering a maximum of 6.5 hours of use, while the most recent can reach 7 hours without passing through the outlet. Although this depends mainly on the games we play and the load that they demand from the console.

Differences between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite 1

And we cannot forget the price factor, of course, in which the Switch Lite also wins. Both consoles have an attractive cost for what they offer; there is no doubt. But when you have to minimize spending and look into your pocket, the Lite version is much more attractive, usually costing about 100 euros less. Thus, today we can buy the Nintendo Switch for 314.98, while the Switch Lite comes out for 198.90. In addition to finding packs with games included, like these with Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Rayman Legends and Immortals Fenix Rising:

Is that being said, which of the two consoles is better?

Well, at this point, it is common for us to find ourselves before the situation of wanting to buy a Nintendo Switch, but we do not know well which of the two models to choose: the normal or the Lite. And we doubt which is better between the two. Whose best answer is it depends. It depends on our budget, of course, but above all on the use that we are going to give it.

That being said which of the two consoles is better

Considering that their catalogs are similar and we can play the same games, we must assess whether we will use the console most of the time indoors and on television. If so, the original Nintendo Switch is the best option.

However, suppose the reason for getting one is to always carry it with us. In that case, we want it to be as comfortable as possible to transport, and we are not thinking about plugging it into the TV, the choice is more than clear: the Switch Lite, which is designed precisely for this type of user.

Be that as it may, whether we choose one or the other Switch, Nintendo has thought of everything and has a lot to choose from within each console. So whether the chosen one has been the Switch, or if it has been the Switch Lite, we can choose between different colors and editions, like these that we see below.

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