Honor 10 vs Huawei P20, what are the differences?

Huawei is one of the few firms that compete with itself in the high-end ranges, launching “younger brothers” from its top of the range, which, in many cases, are even more attractive.

Today, it’s time to compare the Honor 10 with the Huawei P20. Two top terminals, with many similarities and a few differences that, worth the redundancy, can make a difference. Let’s go, then, to see in detail how these terminals differ so that you have a little clearer which of the two is your winning option.

Huawei P20 vs. Honor 10, the differences

Design and display

Design and display 5Although both have great similarities, the design of the Huawei P20, in our opinion, is much more successful. Both resorts to aluminum and glass, but the lines of the P20 are somewhat more refined. The difference in weight is 12 grams more in the P20, even though both bodies have practically the same dimensions.

The P20 bets on a camera in a vertical position, very much in the style of the iPhone X, while the Honor 10 maintains the classic horizontal format. Of course, there is a hole that the P20 does not have, and that is a negative point; yes, we are talking about the 3.5mm jack, a connection that the Honor 10 maintains, and that to this day is still quite useful.

On the screen, even though both have 5.8 inches and FHD + resolution, we do find differences in quality. The Honor 10 has the panel of the Huawei P20 Lite, so we are comparing a mid-range panel with a higher-end one. A clear point in favor of the Huawei P20, which makes it clear who is at the top of the range of the two.

Fingerprint reader

Fingerprint reader 1Even though they may appear identical, the Honor 10’s fingerprint reader is considerably more advanced than the P20. This is located under the screen’s glass, although it maintains the classic “button” shape. Still, it is not as such.

Both readers work at a heart attack speed, and being honest, you will not notice differences since we are talking about thousandths of a second in favor of one or the other.

Photographic section

Photographic sectionHere we do find noticeable differences, as every year, with Honor phones. The camera is one of the most differential points in high-end mobiles, and Huawei knows it. For this reason, it has been betting on Leica since the ninth generation P, a collaboration that we do not see in the case of Honor.

Experience shows us that the photographs of the Honor phones are much lower than those found in the P range, so if you want to get the best results, you will have to opt for the Huawei P20.

This features a 20 MP monochrome f / 1.6 + 12 MP RGB f / 2.0 dual rear camera and a 24 MP f / 2.0 front camera with Light Fusion. The Honor 10 has a 16 MP monochrome f / 1.8 + 24 MP RGB f / 1.8 dual rear camera and a 24 MP f / 2.0 front camera. Both use artificial intelligence, although the camera apps vary a bit, and hopefully, the same rank on the P20 will be higher than that on the Honor.

Details that should not go unnoticed

Details that should not go unnoticedAlthough both terminals have the same processor, the very powerful Kirin 970, there are certain differences in the hardware that you should not overlook. First of all, you should know that the Huawei P20 has 128 GB of internal memory as a base, while the Honor 10 starts from 64 GB. The screen format is also different, being 18: 7: 9 on the P20 and 19: 9 on the Honor 10.

It is striking that the Honor 10 has 6 GB of RAM, while the P20 has 4 GB, as well as a dedicated audio processor, to delight sound lovers. The charging technology in the P20 is called Super Quick Charge, and Turbo Charge is in the Honor 10.

We do not know the exact times when the 3400mAh of both batteries are charged, but we can assume that the Huawei P20 battery will charge somewhat faster.

Huawei P20 Honor 10
Dimensions 149 x 71 x 7.65 millimeters; 165 grams of weight 149.6 × 71.2 × 7.7 millimeters and 153 grams of weight
Screen Full HD +, FullView 2.0, 5.8 inch LCD Full HD +, Fullview, 5.8 inches 2,240 x 1,080 pixels. 19: 9
Processor Kirin 970, 10 nm, and eight cores (4 × 2.4 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4 × 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53) with NPU Kirin 970, 10 nm, and eight cores (4 × 2.4 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4 × 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53) with NPU
OS Android 8.1, EMUI 8.1 Android 8.1, EMUI 8.1
Storage 128 GB 64 or 128 GB
Cameras Rear dual Leica 20 MP monochrome f / 1.6 + 12 MP RGB f / 2.0 Front 24 MP f / 2.0 with Light Fusion Rear dual 16 MP monochrome f / 1.8 + 24 MP RGB f / 1.8 Front 24 MP f / 2.0
Battery 3400mAh 3400mAh

Finally, comment that the Huawei P20 in Spain is about 649 euros, while the Honor 10 should not exceed 500. We think that the P20 is a better option if the price difference does not seem excessive. A better design, camera, screen, and support, which will make this terminal probably, the winning option.

We hope we have clarified your doubts about these two terminals, which, although they seem identical at first glance, have a few differences.