How To Clean The Screen Of Your Smart TV: The Cheapest Method And Things To Avoid So As Not To Damage It

How to clean the screen of your Smart TV the cheapest method and things to avoid so as not to damage it

We bring you a small guide with several tips to clean your TV screen, telling you both the cheapest way to clean it and the mistakes you should avoid to accidentally damage it. In this way, you will make sure to carry out correct maintenance so that the image on the screen always looks good and avoid having a stained panel without spending too much money on unnecessary products.

We are going to start by briefly explaining the cheapest way to clean your television screen, avoiding buying specific cleaning kits that are not needed. Then we’ll go over some mistakes to avoid so you don’t inadvertently damage your screen while cleaning it.

Clean your TV screen

In stores, you will find multiple products that are sold to clean the screen of your Smart TV, expensive cleaning kits that you will not need to make the screen clean and you can remove any stain or fingerprint.

It is enough to buy and use a microfiber cloth that you will find in shops, department stores, or even small neighborhood stores. It’s cheap and smooth, so it doesn’t need any additives, and it won’t damage your TV panel when you wipe it or release lint when you go to dust with it.

Clean your TV screen

Therefore, to clean the screen of your TV, it is enough to wipe a microfiber cloth with the screen turned off and apply light pressure to the dirtiest areas. When some dirt resists, you can slightly moisten the cloth with water to continue cleaning that area, and then use the dry area of ​​the cloth to dry.

With this, you should know that it is not necessary to buy any type of specific liquid for screens because cloth and one of its slightly damp areas for the most stubborn dirt are enough. Just give the screen a few swipes with the cloth to make sure it’s completely clean.

But if you want to do something a little more advanced than just using water, you can also use a mixture of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol, which will help keep the screen clean. You can make this mixture on your own at home or buy a preparation since they are sold in almost any supermarket.

Things to avoid so as not to damage it

And when it comes to cleaning your screen in the safest way possible, the most important thing is to never use ethyl alcohol to do it, since it can corrode the material of the screen. In addition, it is also advisable not to apply any liquid directly to the screen, since it is advisable to apply it on the cloth and not on the panel, to avoid mistakenly entering a hole and damaging a component.

You should also avoid using chemicals, which can also damage the screen, and avoid using kitchen paper for cleaning. Indeed, we always have it at hand and it is resistant and rough, but precisely for this reason, making several passes can damage the panel, and small pieces of paper can also remain on the screen. You should also avoid toilet paper or the like.

We’ve mentioned this before, and it’s always necessary to make sure you have your TV turned off so there aren’t any electrical mishaps. Also, avoid cleaning in all directions, as it is better to clean from one side to the other horizontally and vertically. It is more efficient and you will see better the clean areas so as not to pass by and damage the screen. Don’t turn on the TV until the screen has dried when you’re done.