How To Find The QR Code To Enter WhatsApp Web

How To Find The QR Code To Enter WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp Web is a way to chat with WhatsApp comfortably from a PC, using a web page instead of an application. After logging in, it works more or less like WhatsApp on mobile, but with the advantage of being able to use the PC keyboard. To start using WhatsApp Web, you need to scan a QR code. Where is it?

Using WhatsApp Web requires two simple steps that can cause some confusion for those who are not very tech-savvy. We tell you where the WhatsApp Web QR code is and everything you have to do to log in and start using WhatsApp on your PC’s web browser.

Why do you need a QR code for WhatsApp?

First of all, what is a QR code? A good way to define them is that they are something like barcodes, but with more information. Instead of having lines that turn into numbers, they have a multitude of pixels and include enough information to contain text, links, contacts, and other types of content.

To use WhatsApp Web, you need to log in with your WhatsApp account, and the application provides you with an easy way to do so, without having to enter your phone number or verify your account using an SMS code, as happens when you sign up for WhatsApp on the mobile.

The way to log in to WhatsApp Web is by using a QR code that you must scan with the WhatsApp application. The QR code itself includes a unique code or password that WhatsApp uses to associate your phone with that session. You do not need to see this key, but it is processed internally by WhatsApp.

If you scan this QR code with any QR code app other than WhatsApp, you will see the QR code and nothing else. You must use the WhatsApp code scanner to help you log in to WhatsApp Web. By doing so, WhatsApp links the browser session with that of your mobile, without the need for you to enter any data.

Where is the WhatsApp QR code

Now that we know why WhatsApp uses a QR code for its web version, the next question will be where is the QR code? It is not in the WhatsApp application, but it is on the WhatsApp Web website, which is

That is, on the PC, you must enter a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or similar, and, when it finishes loading, the QR code should appear, unless there is an error with WhatsApp Web. It should appear on the right side of the web, just above Keep session active.

Please note that the code changes automatically after a certain amount of time and will sometimes change to a green circle with the text Click to update the QR code. If this is the case, you must click on the circle so that the code is regenerated, and you can scan it.

With the QR code located, the next step is to scan it with WhatsApp instead of any other method or application. To do this, you will need to open the WhatsApp menu and choose the WhatsApp Web option. Then tap Pair a device.

Next, you may have to verify your identity using mobile biometrics (touch fingerprint recognition or Face ID), and then the QR code scanner will be shown. Aim the camera to display the QR code inside the highlighted square and if all goes well you will be logged in to WhatsApp Web in a second.