139 WhatsApp birthday greetings and how to create yours: 100% original

  • Congratulate birthdays on WhatsApp in a big way with these curious congratulations. We also explain how to create them from scratch to give them your creative touch.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication tools today, a perfect platform to congratulate birthdays quickly and easily. If you are also one of those, who use the platform for this, in this guide, you can find the funniest and most original birthday greetings in the form of images that you can use.

In addition to these images, we recommend other methods to congratulate a birthday on WhatsApp, such as funny phrases. Of course, you can add your touch of creativity and fun and create your own personalized birthday cards, something that you will also learn in this guide that we start.

139 WhatsApp birthday greetings and how to create yours 100 original

How to congratulate birthday on WhatsApp

There are multiple ways to congratulate a birthday through WhatsApp. If you prefer the traditional style, you can make an audio or video call to talk to the birthday boy and have him tell you what he got or how he feels about adding another year.

Another method that you can use if you like to work hard is to create a birthday greeting video that you can send to the lucky person when the right time comes. You can use video editing apps for Android to do it from your mobile and add photos, music, text …

If you do not want such direct contact, you can send phrases and images to congratulate the birthday by WhatsApp, which we have all done on occasion. It is a simple and fast way to congratulate and, why not, also funny, because you can send the most original images. In the same way, you can schedule Christmas greetings on WhatsApp; it is also possible to choose the date and time you want a birthday greeting to be sent.

Finally, you can also congratulate the birthday on WhatsApp by sending a voice note, which only requires pressing the microphone button and speaking everything that comes to mind. You see, images, videos, audios, and even video calls are the methods you can use to congratulate a birthday on WhatsApp; it seems that you have a lot to choose from.

Best WhatsApp greetings: original and funny texts

As mentioned, phrases are a quick and easy way to congratulate a WhatsApp contact on their birthday. To make your task easier, we have made a compilation with the best original and funny texts that you can use to congratulate in a big way for the messaging network.

You have to copy and paste into the conversation the one you like the most to succeed with your greeting and get a laugh from the birthday boy. This is our selection of funny messages:

  • Feeling young is something to do with faith… date of birth! Congratulations! Enjoy your day.
  • Laugh and laugh all you can while you still have teeth, which won’t be for long. Happy day!
  • I congratulate you on the internet, and so I save your gift. Of course, I want to go to your party. Happy Birthday!
  • On this special day, I want to give you some advice. When people ask you, ‘how old are you? Tell them just one, because you already had the others! Congratulations!
  • A day like today was born a person I appreciate and wish all good things to happen to him. Come on, And you were born to congratulations!
  • Birthdays are perfect for your health. Statistics show that those with the most birthdays live the longest.
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you all your dreams and achievements come true today. But above all, the dream in which you decide to give me money.
  • Every year you get older, I don’t know whether to applaud or sympathize, but in the meantime, happy birthday!
  • Don’t worry, old age is like a second childhood, with no hair and no teeth! Happy Birthday!
  • If turning forty is something you wanted to forget, know that we will celebrate it anyway. Congratulations!
  • Happy Birthday! Today many birthday messages will come to you on WhatsApp or Facebook. They will all be funny, beautiful, original, and fun; there will even be messages that will excite you; this will only be informative.
  • Today I wanted to give you something cute, sweet, beautiful, and adorable, but the postman forced me out of the envelope. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.
  • Happy Birthday! It had occurred to me to buy you an expensive gift, but I have thought that a person as mature and intelligent as you is not going to give importance to material things …
  • Happy Birthday! Smile while you can, that in a few years, your teeth will be falling out.
  • Congratulations on being a year older and continuing to maintain such a low level of maturity. You are a true inspiration to me.

You already know, you have to select the phrase that you like the most and send it to the contact, which adds years to it by WhatsApp. The list is extensive, so you can change the congratulations so that it is not always the same.

Best images to congratulate the birthday on WhatsApp

If phrases are not your thing, you can always send a birthday greeting image by WhatsApp. In fact, you have surely seen more than one of these congratulations during your presence on the platform. One option to send these images is to open the WhatsApp GIFs section, search for “happy birthday,” and send the animated image that you like the most.

Best images to congratulate the birthday on WhatsApp

In case the WhatsApp GIF gallery does not give you what you are looking for to congratulate a birthday in a big way, pay attention to our proposal, as we have compiled 139 funny and funny images to congratulate the birthday on WhatsApp. In the previous gallery, you can enjoy a preview of the complete selection.

If you want to download these 139 images of birthday wishes for free, or just some specific ones, we invite you to enter the Google Drive folder in which we have collected them. From there you can see them one by one and, as we say, download them to your mobile to use them when necessary.

How to create your own WhatsApp greetings

It can always be that you do not like the images of WhatsApp birthday wishes or have already used all the ones that exist. Therefore, we will see how you can create your own greeting cards using online tools or downloading apps on your mobile. Get all the creativity you have because now is the time to use it to create personalized greetings.

With online tools

Several web pages allow you to create your personalized birthday greetings for WhatsApp without installing anything. One of them is Fotojet which, at the moment, is only available for the computer. You can also use Crello, with a wide variety of templates that you can innovate with.

The option that we have used for this tutorial is Photo Effects, which you can also use from your Android. Step by step, we explain how to create your own WhatsApp greeting with this website.

  1. Enter Photo effects and click on the template you want to use for the congratulation.
  2. Click on “Upload my photo” and select the photo you will add to the greeting from the device gallery.
  3. If you want only the image to be added, check the “Automatically adjust” box. If you want to add text and filters, enable these two options. When you finish, click on “Next.”
  4. Select the image part you want to use and click on “Adjust / add text” to continue editing the postcard.
  5. Add the text, images, and filters with which you want to decorate the greeting.
  6. When you’re done, tap on “Download Image.”
  7. Once the creation process is complete, save the image or share it directly on WhatsApp to congratulate a contact.

With online tools

With mobile applications

In the Google Play Store, you can find several free applications to design your own WhatsApp greetings. Some of them are Adobe Spark, with a more professional approach, or Happy Birthday Cards, with easier and faster editing options.

The one chosen as the protagonist for the following explanation is Personalized birthday cards, with the necessary tools to create a beautiful greeting for WhatsApp in a few minutes. So you can use it:

  1. Open Personalized birthday cards and click on “New Card.”
  2. Select the template you like the most, considering that some of them are premium; that is, they are only available in the paid version.
  3. Add the photos, stickers, and text, and edit the appearance of the elements until you have the ideal card.
  4. In the window that appears, click on “Save image.” click on “Save” when you have finished editing your birthday greeting. Afterward, you can share it directly on WhatsApp.

With mobile applications-step1

With mobile applications step2

With mobile applications step3

With mobile applications step4

Creating your own birthday greeting for WhatsApp greatly expands the possibilities, as you can add dozens of different stickers, images, and emoticons. They do not have to stop being funny or original since you can also add the funny texts we recommend in one of the previous sections.

Be it one way or another, give a touch of fun to the WhatsApp greetings so that each one of them is different and you remain like the real king when you congratulate your loved ones.