How To Know Who Enters Or Sees Your Profile On Facebook

How to know who enters or sees your profile on Facebook

We are going to explain how to know who enters or views your Facebook profile or your content so that you can check if specific people are viewing it. We are going to explain the safest method for your privacy, which is by reviewing the HTML code of your Facebook profile page. The negative part is that you will not be able to know when each person has entered your profile.

And why did we opt for another method? Well, because if you use third-party pages or apps, you will be giving them all your data, since they will need access to your Facebook profile. And since it’s best not to give away your data to someone you don’t know, we prefer a somewhat more elaborate method, but with which you don’t have to install anything at all.

See who enters your Facebook profile

See who enters your Facebook profile

The first thing you have to do is enter Facebook. Once inside, you have to enter your profile page, by clicking on your profile image at the top right. You must enter your profile, what we are going to do will not work well on the main page or another. You can do this in both Chrome and Edge or most browsers.

Once inside your profile, press F12 or Control + Shift + I to access the developer tools. Within these tools, you have to enter the source code viewer. Another option you have is to simply press Control + U to make the source code open on another page.

Once you are in the source code, you have to press the Control + F keys to open the browser. Once you open the browser, look for the term BUDDY_ID. You will see that several matches appear to you, and each entry that begins with this term will represent the profile of a person who has looked at your Facebook account or content.

Now there are two ways to proceed. After the buddy_id a numerical code will appear, which if you put it after, will take you to the profile of one of the people who has seen your content or visited your profile. Or if you prefer, after this numerical code and one or two more, the name of the user will also appear directly in the HTML.