How To See Other Users’ Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

How to see other users' Instagram stories without them knowing

We are going to tell you how to see other users’ Instagram stories without them knowing. When you enter the stories of an Instagram profile without logging in, the web will block access until you enter with your account, and when you enter with your account, your username will appear to the others in the list of people who have seen his stories.

But if, for whatever reason, you want to view another person’s Instagram stories anonymously, or even download them, you should know that there are web pages that allow you to do so safely. Here you must know that you will only be able to see the stories of accounts that are not private and that these will disappear and can no longer be seen 24 hours after being published.

3 websites to view Instagram Stories anonymously

We are going to start by telling you three web pages that you can use to anonymously view Instagram stories. Here, keep in mind that these websites tend to disappear every so often since they are usually persecuted precisely because of their irregular use of the social network.

  • Anon IG Viewer: Once you only have to type the username of a person, and all their stories appear, so you can watch them online or download them. It stands out because suggestions appear in its search engine, so when you start typing the username you will see the matches. Web:
  • StoriesDown: This page is not so much focused on viewing as it is on downloading stories anonymously. You will have to write the name of the account you want and that’s it, you will see the stories, you will be able to expand them and you will also have a download button. Web:
  • InstaStories: Of the three tools on the list, it is probably the one with the best design. When you search for the name of the account, you will see in its interface the possibility of viewing publications and stories, and when you expand a story you will see the download button. Website:

How to view Instagram stories anonymously

How to view Instagram stories anonymously

Among the three alternatives that we have given you, we are going to use InstaStories, simply because we liked it better, but any of the others work the same. The first thing you have to do is go to install stories. online. Once you are inside the web, write the name of the user whose stories you want to see in the field where the username is written. When you type it, press Enter.

After a few seconds of loading, you will see that the profile of the user you have chosen with their information is loaded. Below you will have a tab where your latest Stories will appear, and you will only have to click on those stories that you want to see to expand them. If you want, you can also see normal posts.

When you click on one of the stories, it will open large and you will be able to view it anonymously. In neither case will you be able to interact with stickers such as surveys and others? Above all, you will have a button called Download, with which if you want you can download the story to your computer to see it if you want.