How to Fix Hisense Won’t Turn On Issue

Hisense Won’t Turn On
Hisense Won’t Turn On

A good  TV is essential if you want to watch high-quality television shows and movies. High-resolution devices will be prohibitively expensive. Hisense TV selection is excellent for this since it comes with many line-ups to choose from.

However, when you power on your Hisense smart TV, you may notice a flashing red and blue light blinking, or the Hisense TV blinking red light 2 to 6 times and then turns off. Or only the red light blinking, but the TV won’t turn on.

This indicates a power supply problem, a power deflection problem, or a problem with the mainboard becoming corrupted or malfunctioning. For this reason, you might want to troubleshoot your Hisense TV using the tips outlined below. However, let’s first analyze the possible leading causes for this problem.

Why is Hisense TV red light blinking?

Below are some of why your Hisense TV is blinking a red light without turning on. These reasons will assist you in isolating the root problem of your Hisense TV for easy troubleshooting.

Power Supply interruption

To turn on your television requires a precise quantity of power. So, let’s say your power outlet, strip, power supply adapter, or any other component of your power distribution system isn’t working correctly. In that situation, you will very certainly encounter this problem.

Problems with Hardware and Software

Some hardware and software faults can disrupt the current flow. They can also disrupt the passage of electrical impulses.

Remote Control Error

Whether the TV is not broken and has an appropriate power source, you should check if the remote has malfunctioned or its batteries are worn out.

Fixing a Hisense TV won’t turn on issue

Below are some practical tips that might assist you in troubleshooting your Hisense TV blinking red light issue.

Examine for Power Outages

If you have reset your HiSense TV and are still receiving the message, there is a chance that your TV has had a power outage. So, sure, there is a probability that the power cord has been damaged, causing this problem.

As a result, we recommend that you first turn off the power button and adequately inspect the power cord of your television. However, if you spot it, replace it with a new one because you won’t have any other choice. In many cases, changing the power cord resolves the problem of the HiSense TV not turning on automatically.

But, of course! If an internal hardware problem causes the problem or any of the internal hardware becomes damaged, you must go to the nearest service center and replace it (if possible); otherwise, you must replace your TV.

Change the Power Source

Have you checked the HiSense TV’s power source? Well, the power outlet or source that you are utilizing may have varied, resulting in this type of error. As a result, test the power supply by utilizing another device powered by the same source.

You can, however, plug your TV onto another power source/outlet to see whether it has begun operating. If you turn on the TV and do not receive an error message, the prior source/outlet you are utilizing may have a problem. As a result, you must first repair that source before using it.

Reboot Your Television

Reboot Your Television

It is conceivable that your HiSense TV will not turn on or the power will not work due to random problems and glitches. Yeah! I understand that this is a highly inconvenient issue because most non-technical folks are unaware of these bugs. To get rid of such problems or temporary files, reset your television.

Of course, you’ve probably done this before, but before you do anything else, we recommend rebooting your TV to ensure you have a fresh new start working on the mistake to address it. So, reset your TV to see if it has begun working or not.

Troubleshoot the remote

Check to see if the red light on the front of the TV is illuminated. It signifies that the TV is getting enough power. If you see the light, the remote could be to blame.

Remove anything that could interfere with signal transmission between the remote and the TV’s receiver.

Remove electronic gadgets from the vicinity of the television, at least briefly, to eliminate the chance of external interference. If the problem remains, it’s time to troubleshoot the remote using the outlined methods.

Discharge the remote by removing its batteries. Press every remote button at least twice before replacing the batteries. Try pressing and holding the Channel Down and Volume Up buttons on your TV remote for 10-15 seconds to turn on the TV.

Besides, you can remove the batteries and install fresh ones. The other method of fixing an issue with the remote is changing it and buying a new one.

If you have lost your remote control, you can also use

Perform a power cycle

So, if you’re still having the same problem, I’d recommend power cycling your TV once to see if it helps. Just turn off the power and unplug all of the wires and cords connected to your HiSense TV. Wait about 5 minutes after that.

Then connect the cords and turn on the power switch. Check if the problem with the TV not turning on has been rectified. I’m confident that this will assist you in resolving the issue because many customers have previously stated that power cycling their devices automatically resolves this type of issue.

Unplug the unused appliances

Sometimes the issue isn’t with your TV or even your remote, but with the gadgets you put into it, such as streaming sticks. Make certain that all superfluous equipment is removed from the rear of your television.

If you were utilizing HDMI cable extensions, try inserting your devices into the TV or replacing your HDMI extension. You can also experiment with different HDMI ports.

Reset Your TV

Some setting errors may cause your Hisense TV to act erratically. If these problems are to blame, the device will likely blink multiple times before coming on. To resolve the issue, you must delete all configuration files.

The deletion involves unplugging the TV from the power source. Plug it back in after at least one minute to see if the issue is solved. If not, follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the TV’s power cable and any other connected device.
  2. Locate the power button at the back or bottom of your Hisense TV. Press and hold this button for at least thirty seconds.
  3. Turn the TV back on after about twenty minutes. Use the TV’s switch to turn it on.

Besides fixing the red light blinking issue, the reset can also fix the Hisense Roku tv won’t turn on, a common problem in most Hisense Roku TVs.

Check the power board

If the reset didn’t work, some component or other had likely burned out. Contrary to popular opinion, this can happen to any gadget, regardless of brand.

It will occur if the device in issue is subjected to a big burst of power that it cannot handle. If you have only a basic understanding of how electronic components function and how they should seem, you can open the TV to inspect it.

In essence, you’re looking for any indication that a fuse or the mainboard hasn’t blown. If they have, the only solution is to replace the faulty component. This can wind up costing you a lot of money, depending on the part and the extent of the damage.

If you have any doubts about any of this, the only thing you can do is hand it up to be examined. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. The best option is to send it to Hisense for repairs. After all, they know their televisions better than anyone else.

Does a Hisense smart TV have a reset button?

Yes, a Hisense TV features a reset button that you can use to factory reset your device if you’ve tried everything you can to fix the problem with no luck. Only a paper clip can be used to press the reset button.

It’s concealed inside a hole labeled RESET on your Hisense TV. Depending on the model, the button will be located at the bottom or back of your TV. You may find the exact location of your specific model by consulting your owner’s handbook.

Because the reset button is hidden inside the hole, you’ll need a sharp instrument, such as a paper clip, to reach it anytime you want to factory reset your Hisense TV.


That is how you troubleshoot a Hisense TV red light blinking issue. Hopefully, you find our tips helpful.

If all of these methods have failed, you certainly have a faulty unit. As a result, you should contact customer service to determine if this is the case.