How to Fix Hisense TV Not Responding to Remote or Buttons

Hisense TV Remote Not Working
Hisense TV Remote Not Working

Do you intended to spend quality time watching television with the whole family, but your Hisense remote control is not working? Electronic equipment can, unfortunately fail at any time. And, if this irritates you, you should know that it does not necessarily imply that your remote control is malfunctioning. Apart from physical damage, you can readily resolve certain software flaws or minor defects. If your Hisense remote control isn’t working, read on to learn how to fix it.

How can you fix a Hisense remote control on your own

1. Replace the Batteries if Necessary

When your Hisense remote control stops working, it’s evident that the batteries need to be replaced. However, it is not unusual for batteries to be regarded as new or recharged when malfunctioning. Furthermore, several consumers have stated that the new batteries with their remote did not function.

If you’ve recently replaced your batteries or bought a new remote control, try replacing the old ones with new ones. Mixing fresh and old batteries, or various types of batteries, is not a good idea. Avoid using rechargeable batteries and only use AAA batteries.

2. Examine the Hisense Remote Control’s Infrared Sensor

Infrared signals are used to communicate between the remote control and the television. So, if your Hisense remote control isn’t working make sure there’s nothing between the remote control and the TV and that you’re at least 6 meters away.

Make sure the remote control constantly emits the infrared signals required to operate the TV correctly. Because infrared pulses are invisible to the naked eye, utilize a mobile phone as follows:

  • Open the camera on your smartphone.
  • Place the Hisense remote’s front face towards the camera lens.
  • If a light appears at the level of the LED on the screen of your camera, press a button on the remote control.

If you push a button and a light flashes at the LED, the issue is likely due to a software failure or a Hisense TV bug. Continue with the troubleshooting procedures in our tutorial in this scenario.

Replace the batteries in the remote control if there is no light. If your Hisense remote control still doesn’t function, the issue is undoubtedly due to a hardware flaw. The remote control will almost certainly need to be replaced in this instance. However, you might try to resuscitate her by following the procedures in our tutorial.

3. Reset the remote control on your Hisense television

If your Hisense remote control isn’t working, try resetting it with an electrical restart. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Remove the remote control’s batteries.
  • Press the buttons for about 20 seconds.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote control and replace them.
  • Attempt to restart your TV.

If the process does not work, try the following:

  • Hold down the volume key + and the OK button for ten seconds.
  • Using the Power button, try to turn your TV back on.

4. Make sure the television is working properly

If nothing else works and your Hisense remote still doesn’t work, make sure the television doesn’t cause the problem. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Turn your TV off and Unplug your TV from its power socket
  • Allow 2 minutes to pass.
  • Reconnect it to its power source and use the remote control to turn it on again.

Your remote control is malfunctioning if the television’s standby light is on and steady, and it is not the source of the problem. It will have to be changed after that.

5. Restart your Hisense television

A software issue with your TV might sometimes result in a communication difficulty between the TV and your remote. If this is the case, power-cycling your Hisense TV should resolve the problem.

  • Disconnect the power adapter from the wall socket and wait for 60 FULL seconds to power-cycle your Hisense TV.
  • Press the power button on your TV for 30 seconds while you wait. Make sure you’re pressing and holding the TV power button, not the remote control! This will discharge any remaining power stored in the TV’s capacitors.
  • Reconnect your TV when the entire minute has passed. Wait for the TV to turn on (this may take longer than usual), and then try the remote.
  • Rebooting the TV using this approach might also solve remote control issues in many circumstances. It also aids in the smooth operation of your television.

6. Remove Anything that May be Obstructing IR Signals

Another typical problem is a blockage between your remote and your television.

Because your TV includes an IR sensor and your remote employs an infrared beam, they must be able to send and receive this beam without encountering any obstacles.

Walls, other electrical signals such as Bluetooth, and oversized items such as furniture or speakers may all be obstacles. If you have a problem with your Hisense remote and the TV, try moving to a different place or point the remote straight at the TV’s sensor.

7. Press All the Remote Buttons

It may seem unusual at first, but pressing all of the buttons on the Hisense remote will restore functionality. In some cases, a button on the remote may get stuck. The other buttons on your remote will not operate if one or more buttons are stuck. It’s similar to holding down many keys on a computer causes the keyboard to cease responding to keystrokes.

A remote button can become stuck in different ways. Perhaps it got wedged between the couch cushions, and dirt lodged under the rubber. In any case, it’s a relatively frequent problem with a simple solution.

While it may seem crude, pressing all the buttons and slapping the remote against your palm a few times will pop the buttons back out.

8. Check for Liquid Damage

hisense tv not responding to remote or buttons

The next most likely cause of Hisense remote not working is liquid entering the remote and destroying the button circuits. Liquid damage is rather prevalent, and it’s frequently the cause of particular buttons on a remote not working.If moisture gets inside your remote, it might create a residue on the rubber buttons, preventing them from making complete contact with the circuit pads.

Liquid damage is most likely the cause if you have to push a button repeatedly for it to register. Soft drinks can leave a sticky residue behind that can cause a slew of issues.

You might then try a quick DIY remedy by disassembling the remote and cleaning the internal components.

a) Open the Remote Control Case

Open the small casing and wipe the rubber buttons, circuit board, and plastic panels to remove any liquid residue. It’s a simple DIY, and most Hisense remotes are screw-free.

To begin, we must first open the Hisense remote control. Remove the batteries from the remote and press the power button a few times to discharge them.

Hold the remote on its side and insert a flat-head screwdriver into the space between the panels at the OK button in the center. It might be necessary to shake it a little. Widen the gap with another screwdriver, twist the screwdriver, and you should hear a portion detach. Slide the screwdriver down the casing, removing each part one time.

b) Clean the Components 

Once the panel is removed, the rubber button panel and circuit board may be found within. Please remove these components and check them for evidence of liquid damage.

Hair, stains, and other unpleasant dirt are likely found within. Inspect each component, including the plastic panel, for cleanliness. The most crucial side of the rubber button is the backside.

Use 99 percent isopropyl alcohol to remove liquid residue. You might massage the residue with a q-tip soaked in alcohol or immerse everything. The circuit board will not be damaged by 99 percent isopropyl alcohol, at least not after it completely dries.

c) Examine the Pads on the Circuit Board

The circuit board pad may have been slightly overheated or may have stains from liquid damage. Remove the spots off the circuit using alcohol. Another fascinating approach is to write along the lines of the circuit board pad tracks using a pencil. This is because the graphite in pencil improves conductivity, making it more straightforward for the pad to record pressure.

It’s time to put everything back together after you’re sure everything is clean. The circuit board is installed first in the back plastic panel, followed by the rubber button pad on the top panel. Make sure they’re safely tucked up in their panels.

What to do if your Hisense remote control stops working despite your efforts?

You need to replace your Hisense remote control if none of the above options worked for you. The issue is most likely due to a breakdown of an internal component, resulting in a hardware defect that will be too expensive to repair. Here are some alternative suggestions for you, depending on your situation:

If your remote control is still has a warranty, you may contact your dealer or Hisense customer service to get it serviced or replaced for free.

If your Hisense remote control is no longer under warranty and you cannot obtain a free hardware replacement, you can purchase a Universal remote control. Aside from being less expensive and simpler to come by, it may be used for any other electrical device, even a future television, if you ever have to replace your existing one.


In conclusion, we hope that this information helped you solve your Hisense TV Remote Not Working problem. If you’ve tried all of these solutions and still haven’t received the results you want, you may need to replace your batteries. You may buy a new Hisense Remote if nothing has changed. You can also contact Hisense customer service and request that the remote control be repaired or replaced.