How to turn on Hisense TV without Remote

How to turn on Hisense TV without Remote
How to turn on Hisense TV without Remote

Hisense TVs are superb, but some of their features might be hard to use or access. For instance, if you have a Hisense TV, you’ll notice that its power button is not easily accessible. Even if you can touch the button meant for turning on your device, you might still wonder how to turn it on without remote control.

This guide contains everything about turning on your TV and operating it without a remote control. To get as many tips as possible, be sure to go through this guide in its entirety.

How to Locate Power Button on Roku TV?

If you don’t have a remote because it’s spoilt or lost, you’ll need to turn on your TV using the power button. But first, you want to find where it’s located. This shouldn’t take a lot of your time, but the power button position might vary based on your model.

Let’s look at the four different places your TV power button might be located.

1. Back, Right Hand Side

If you’re trying to find the power button on your TV with no success, it might be located on the back right-hand side of the screen. This might seem like the wrong positioning of the button, but it still happens.

To access this part, try to move your screen a few inches away from the wall and check if the button is at the back right-hand side. You’ll see a small power button right there if that’s where it was placed.

But if you’re still unable to see the button since it’s small in size, you might want to use a spotlight. If it’s not there, you should check the back left side.

2. Middle, Underside

By default, this should be the position of the power button. Just check underneath the middle of the Hisense TV, and you’ll see a small power button. Just take your time if you can’t find it since it’s small and might be hidden, which is why many people are unable to tell whether it’s there.

Based on the model you have, the power button should be somewhere slightly forward underneath your TV. But if you can’t find it there, move your hand further back and see if you can touch a small bump, and that’s it.

3. Back, Left Hand Side

Are you still unable to locate the power button? There’s nothing to worry about. Now, you want to check the back, left-hand side of the screen to see if you can find it. You have checked the back right-hand side and middle underside.

Again, you want to move your TV a few inches away from the wall and see if you can spot the power button. If that’s where the manufacturer placed it, you’ll see a small power button.

4. Front Left Underside

Understandably, this is not a good power button placement. It looks like the manufacturer didn’t want you to find the power button easily. No one expects to find the button on the front left-hand side, but it happens.

To locate the button, run your hand along the front left underside of the Hisense TV, and you’ll find a receiver. This is the thing that your remote interacts with to operate your TV. Once you find the receiver, you’ll see a small power button right below it.

Note that the receiver is a tiny power button, so you can easily miss it. Try to press around there until you notice the screen turning on and off to know whether it’s there. It’s quite some work, but it’s worth it.

How to Turn on Hisense TV without remote

Turn on Hisense TV without remote

Now that you have located the power button, let’s see how you can switch on your Hisense TV without remote.

1. Basic Option

This is the basic option of turning on your TV manually. You just need to locate your power button and use it to bring your device to light. It’s somewhere at the bottom of your TV. If you haven’t found it, go through the steps below to find the power button.

Just press the power button, and the screen will come to life. You can turn off your screen by pressing the button again.

It helps to know that your TV will come with other buttons, such as the volume, menu, and channel controls. If you cannot use this technique to power your TV, consider the alternatives we have mentioned below.

2. Use Mobile Apps

Today, smart TVs are fun to use because they come with mobile apps that you can use to operate them remotely. Using the app, you can have the best experience watching your favorite programs on Hisense TV. Nevertheless, Hisense TV doesn’t have specific apps.

But that’s also a good thing since you can choose from a vast range of apps to operate it and have the best experience. You can download and install the apps o your IOS and Android phone. Let’s see the apps you can use to operate your screen without remote.

a) Android TV Remote

It is exciting to mention that this app works for Android and Ios devices alike. If you still don’t have it, use the steps below to turn on your TV without remote.

  1. On your Android or IoS device, go to the Play Store or App Store
  2. Type and search for “Android TV Remote Control” App
  3. Install and launch the app once you find it
  4. At the center of the screen, your phone will show a large power button
  5. You want to tap this button to switch on your Hisense TV. Note that the app also comes with a voice control feature that you can use to control your screen without remote

b) Roku TV Remote

This application lets you do more than just turn on your Hisense TV. It encompasses a voice control feature that lets you turn your smartphone into a remote control. Here is how you can use this app to watch your TV, even if you don’t have a remote control.

  • Go to App Store or Play Store on your smartphone and search “Roku official Remote Control” app.
  • Once you find the app, download and install it on your phone, and launch the app before trying to find your Hisense TV
  • Pair the app with your TV, and you’ll see a “Remote tab” located at the bottom of the screen
  • Now, power on your TV by pressing the button at the center of the screen

c) MiRemote App

This is one of the easiest ways of turning on your Hisense TV without a remote control. First, you want to ascertain that it has an infrared sensor. It’s this sensor that acquires signals from your remote control. The good thing is that you can still use this sensor to turn on your TV.

Today, modern Android and Ios phones come with an infrared sensor, so they can be used as remote controls.If your phone has one, all you need is to download the MiRemote app from the Play Store. Once you’ve installed and launched the app, start following the on-screen instructions.

Other than your Hisense TV, you can use this app to control most of your devices at home or office, such as microwave, AC, etc.

3. You Can Use Satellite or Cable Remote

This idea might seem farfetched, but you can use remote controls lying around in your house to turn on your Hisense TV. Thus, suppose you have a satellite remote, you can easily program it to your television and keep watching.

To do this, you need remote program codes from Hisense. You can either find the codes right from the manufacturer’s website or ask a trusted dealer to assist.

However, it would be best if you understood that not all Hisense buttons can be programmed to work with your satellite remote. But they’re a good option as you plan to replace your spoilt or lost remote. Also, the programming process is not hard, provided you follow the right steps.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re wondering how to switch on your Hisense TV without a remote, you should use the power button located on the TV. It’s great that all TVs come with manual power buttons that you can use if something is wrong with your remote. You just need to find where it’s located.

It’s possible to download apps to your mobile phones and use them to power your TV on and off. They’re available for both Android and Ios devices.

We hope this guide helps you know how to how to use Hisense smart TV without remote. If you have any questions, let us know by commenting below. Our support team will get back to you with the necessary details.