How to Fix Hisense TV Blinking Red Light Issue

Fix Hisense TV Blinking Red Light
Fix Hisense TV Blinking Red Light

In most cases, you won’t experience any technical problems with Hisense Televisions. The TV blinking red light is undoubtedly an alarm that many users experience. Why does this occur, and probably, how can you navigate through fixing it?

These red flashes blinking on your Hisense TV could result from several reasons, ranging from normal standby mode to faulty severe power board. Some of these ideas may not sound obvious to you. Anyway, don’t worry; this article simplifies the information to the solution you need. Keep reading.

The saw cuts on both, meaning there are critical and usual causes for this issue. Before handling the matter, the bottom line is to determine the root cause in your case. Without understanding the blink, you may not process the problem perfectly. So let’s dive in and disseminate each at its level.

Common Causes of Hisense TV Blinking Red Light Issue

1. Powerboard failure

It is one of the critical reasons that will cause your Hisense TV to blink red. Powerboard failure happens when your TV experiences internal issues majorly resulting from:

  • Bad capacitor
  • Faulty fuse
  • Blown out internal components

Though other causes lead to power board failure, swollen caps and burnt capacitors are the most prevalent. Whatever the reason is, power board failure is a problem that should attract an expert’s attention for rectification.

2. Stuck on standby

Every handmade accessory is prone to failure, and your Hisense television is not exceptional. After using your TV for a while, it may experience some random “stuck on standby.” When this occurs, you’ll see a blinking red light on the power button, which doesn’t respond when you press the remote control or any other operational manual button.

3. LED back array problem

Though this is a rare occurrence with Hisense TV, it can still be a possible cause. When this happens, it usually doesn’t affect your normal TVoperations, but you’ll identify a red light flashing on the power button. Ideally, this is thethe point at which the LED panel problem may be occurring. The correction to this issue is straightforward, but you may need to call a technician at some time.

Commonly, only the above three ideas would cause a blinking red light on your Hisense screen. Once you single out which among them is the root cause, it becomes easy to narrow down and fix it.

How to Fix Hisense TV to stop blinking red

After identifying the problem ailing your TV, fixing it is very straightforward. While some of the issues may require an expert approach, others are easy to rectify by yourself. Let’s see how to go about each.

a) The stuck-in standby Hisense problem

It is an elementary problem to fix in that Hisense TV. All you need to do is reset your TV in the following steps:

  1. Turn off the TV and unplug the power cable
  2. Wait for 15-30 minutes
  3. On TV, not the remote, press and hold the power button for at least one minute.
  4. Plug-in back, hold the power button for one minute and proceed to the wall power socket.

In most cases, the first two steps get the standby issue fixed on your Hisense TV. If that doesn’t work, proceed to the third and fourth steps. After sticking to the steps, your smart TV will reset its power board, get it off the standby mode and turn it on.

If you lost or misplaced your remote, you don’t need to worry about power resetting your Hisense smart TV manually. Here are the steps:

  • On the operating buttons of the TV, press the Menu and Vol- buttons
  • Still holding them, press the power button
  • After the blue light is on, hold the menu and Vol- buttons for a minimum of ten seconds, then release.
  • The TV turns on within 30 seconds as pictures appear on the screen.

 b) The power board failure issue

Once you identify that the problem is a malfunctioning power board, you can attend to it yourself. It’s effortless! Take off the back panel of your Smart TV and check the power cable. Once you notice any part damaged or burnt out, all you need is to make a power board overhaul to fix the matter.

Don’t take the risk with repairs if you are not sure! Let a technician do the task. Trust me; you may never get into all the technical stuff without the required technical knowledge. For most problems, the solution is to fix a new power board.

c) Solving the LED light array problem

Like the power board issue, the light array on your smart Hisense TV can get spoiled. Though not as critical as the power board, its damage has annoying results. The best way to solve the problem is by simply purchasing a brand new LED light panel and replacing the broken one.

What to do when your Hisense TV won’t turn on but show red light flashes

Your Hisense smart TV won’t turn on or even show red light flashes on other occasions. When this is the case, you don’t have to worry. There are a couple of reasons why such occurs. Usually, it’s not due to a broken television or any major problem. The problem may take a few minutes to resolve and get your screen back and operating.

Steps to fix a Hisense TV that’s not turning on

Steps to fix a Hisense TV thats not turning on

1. Check the remote control

If you are turning on your TV using a remote and nothing seems to work, check the remote batteries and replace them with stronger ones, then give it a try. If still, this doesn’t work, turn on the TV via the power button. If it turns on this way, it’s time you bought a new remote control.

2. Power cycle your TV

Several power-related issues can get resolved by power cycling your Hisense TV. How to do it:

  • Unplug the power cable from the current outlet and leave it disconnected for some minutes
  • Press and hold the power button for at least ten seconds
  • Plug-in back the power cable and turn on the TV. If these two don’t work, then try the following:
  • Examine the condition of the power cable. You need to ensure that the power cord is well plugged into both the current outlet and the TV.
  • Replace internal components– if you know electronics and their work, you can then troubleshoot the boards to ascertain the potential power problems. If you don’t, it’s time you hired qualified personnel to do the job for you.

3. Check the inputs

The wrong input to your TV may cause it not to turn on. Investigate whether all HDMI inputs are appropriately matched or not as they are core to display.

4. Unplug all network devices

Often, you’ll notice the Hisense TV blinking red or blue light 2-6 times and fail to turn on. Such a problem occurs due to your television’s network connection. Try to reset your modem or router from where the internet accesses the TV through the following steps;

Step I: in the case of an internet router, keep it plugged into the television.

Step II: hold the reset button for 30 seconds. It is located at the back or front of your Hisense TV,

Step III: release the reset button and allow the router to power on, and finally,

Examine whether the Hisense TV is operating as required or not.

5. Check the Backlight

LED backlights failure is a common hardware problem that may obstruct your Hisense TV from turning on. Though the sounds may play clearly and well, the screen won’t display any red light blinking. Generally, the LED backlights fail due to low power inboard circuitry or mainboard. How do you rectify that?

Step I: turn on your phone flashlight and closely point to your TV

Step II: keenly observe the screen to identify any visible content.

If you can see anything, then the backlight is broken. Thus don’t try to fix it by yourself. It’s a significant issue that needs the examination of a technician.

6. Hardware problems

The Hisense TV bears both software and hardware parts, and sometimes, the hardware issues can feature in your TV. Some of these problems are:

  • If you realize that your Hisense TV is flashing red light while holding the power button on the remote, then it’s time to replace the power board
  • If your TV’s red light isn’t blinking while the red LED is displaying, your mainboard has problems to be fixed.
  • Sometimes your Hisense TV might present a flickering screen, meaning the images disappear after some time. In that case, you need to purchase new capacitors for the circuit board.


Hisense has risen to the most popular brand in global TVs and other electronic devices for years now. They are reputable for affordability and reliable devices easy to set up and operate.

Hisense TV red blinking is a problem that shouldn’t cause you headaches. All fixes and rectifications are pretty standard. Moreover, you’ll not need to spend much fixing the said issues. Additionally, most of the time, the problem is just the standby issue that you can correct with a simple reset procedure. Apply steps given in each section and enjoy watching your TV.