How To Make A Group Video Call On Facebook Messenger

How to make a group video call on Facebook Messenger

Applications to make video calls There are many, but not so many that can make group video calls. Facebook Messenger is one of them, even if the feature goes a bit under the radar. Today we will see how to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger introduced group video calls in 2016 with up to 50 participants. Of course, only six people can use the camera at the same time: the rest will communicate only by voice.

Start a group video call from a group

In Facebook Messenger, you have two ways to start a group video call. The first one we’re going to look at is from a group you’re already a member of. To do this, go to the Groups (1) tab of Facebook Messenger and then tap on the group (2) you want to call.

Tap the video camera icon to start the group call, which will include everyone in the group. Whoever accepts the call will join and whoever doesn’t will be left out: everyone doesn’t need to answer.

Dress up for the camera (you have a three-second countdown to do so) and wait for the rest of the people to join the conversation.

Start a group video call from scratch

If you want to call multiple people who aren’t part of a group on Facebook Messenger, you can also do so without having to create a group first. To do this, go to the Calls tab (1) and then tap on Start group call (2).

Now, check the box (1) of the contacts you want to include in the video call and when you are done, tap the video call button (2). Make yourself handsome, because the video call will start instantly. By the way, this process will generate a group with the attendees you have chosen.