How To Delete Or Delete Your TikTok Account Forever

How to delete or delete your TikTok account forever

We are going to explain how to delete your TikTok account permanently so that if you are going to stop using it, all your data and the content you uploaded will be deleted. On some social networks like Facebook, this is a fairly complicated process with many steps and traps to prevent you from deleting it, but TikTok, make it quite easy.

Of course, keep in mind that if you delete your account you will lose it forever. You will no longer be able to enter it again, you will lose access to all the videos you had published and you will not be reimbursed for any purchase or expense you have made. The good news is that you will have a few days to repent and cancel the operation.

When you complete the process and ask to delete your account, TikTok will first deactivate it for 30 days. On those days, your profile will no longer be public, but if you log in again everything will be reactivated and you will not have lost anything. However, if you do not log in again within those 30 days, your account will be permanently and permanently deleted.

Delete your TikTok account forever

The first thing you have to do is open TikTok and log in with the account you want to delete. When you have it, click on the Me category that appears at the bottom right of the screen, the one with the icon of a bust.

You will enter your profile page, where you can edit your profile and view your posts. On this page, now click on the three-dot icon that you will see in the upper right corner of the screen, and that is the one that takes you to the application settings.

You will enter the Privacy and Settings menu, where you will be able to choose between multiple options to configure your account or configure the application. On this screen, you have to click on the Manage account option that appears first, in the Account section of the screen.

You will enter the Manage account options, where you can change your password and email to the devices in which you are logged in. Here, click on the Delete account option that appears separated from the others at the bottom.

You will go to a screen in which to continue you will be asked to verify your identity. To do this, what you have to do is type your password and click on the Continue button. In this way, TikTok prevents anyone from taking your mobile and deleting your account without even knowing your password.

Finally, you will go to the screen that reminds you what happens if you confirm that you want to delete your account. They tell you what you will lose, and that it will take 30 days to delete it during which the account will simply be deactivated in case you regret it. Click on the Delete account button to confirm that you want to do so, and the application will log you out and deactivate your account.