How To Measure The Speed Of Your Internet Connection

How to measure the speed of your Internet connection

We all usually know the connection speed we have contracted with our operator, but it is also common that sometimes we have doubts as to whether we are getting all the speed it should. This can be due to many causes, but the first check is always the same: take a measurement.

It’s easy enough to do but can get unnecessarily complicated if you don’t know where to turn. Therefore, today we will tell you how to measure the speed of your Internet connection, both on your desktop or laptop computer and on your mobile device.

Before doing one of these tests, you must consider several things. To begin with, it is recommended that you have any P2P programs closed and that you are not carrying out any activity or download that consumes bandwidth. The best way to prevent any program you’ve forgotten about from interfering is to restart your computer and run the test.

Doing a speed test of your connection

On the Internet, there are a thousand and one specialized pages to measure the speed of your connection, and it is enough to write the term Speed ​​Test in Google. You will find several easy-to-use pages in the list, such as,, or SpeedTest, which we will use today. You also have the tests of operators such as Movistar, Vodafone, Ono, or Euskaltel.

When you enter the page we are using, you will see your operator and your IP address. Also, a Start button to start the test. Remember that almost all of them tend to put too much advertising to remunerate the web, so in some cases, this start button may be a little more hidden than necessary.

Doing a speed test of your connection

Usually, the test will first measure your PING, which is the response time of your connection. Then it will start a download process to measure what speed it reaches, and finally, it will also measure the upload speed. In the end, the results will be shown to you, and you will only have to compare the results with the contracted speed to see if you get what you should.

On mobile more of the same. There are some special applications to carry out these tests, but you can use the same pages as with your PC. Just keep in mind that the tests will perform downloads to test your connection, so if you measure the speed of your mobile network, you will consume some data. Try not to make these measurements when you are about to run out of your rate.