How To Play The Dinosaur Game In Chrome Even If You Are Online

How to play the dinosaur game in Chrome even if you are online

We are going to explain how to play Google’s dinosaur game in Chrome even if you have a connection so that you can dedicate a few minutes of leisure whenever you want. Chrome Dino Run started as an easter egg, a very basic game that only appeared when you were offline as compensation, but it has ended up being a hit for those little dead moments.

So much so that Chrome has an internal option to launch it whenever you want, the game is the same as always, just a running dinosaur with which you have to jump over obstacles for as long as you want.

Chrome Dino Run Online in Chrome

The first thing you have to do is enter the Google Chrome browser and write the command chrome://dino in the address barThese types of Chrome:// commands are used to access internal browser functions. Remember that this game is exclusive to Chrome and is only in the Google browser.

This will take you to the game’s splash screen, where nothing appears to be happening. The only thing you have to do here is to press the space bar on your keyboard to make your dinosaur jump for the first time and start advancing on the screen.

And from here, you can start playing normally. The controls are basic, and you will only need to press the space bar to jump and avoid the obstacles that appear as you advance.