How to program the automatic on and off of your mobile

Disconnecting from the mobile phone is complicated when we use it for the basic tasks of our daily life, such as communicating with our family, working, or entertaining ourselves in our spare time.

If you also find it difficult to spend a few hours away from your mobile, we recommend using the automatic on and off function integrated into Android terminals. In this way, you will, in a way, force yourself to give up technology and focus on other activities, such as rest.

Next, we explain how to program your mobile to turn on and off automatically at the times you want. We already anticipate that it is a simple and fast process that you will soon become fond of if you look for that technological disconnection.

How to program the automatic on and off of your mobileHow to program the automatic on and off of your mobile

Android is an operating system packed with great features that sometimes go unnoticed because we don’t pay enough attention to them. It is enough to investigate a little in the settings of your Android mobile to see that there are multiple tools to configure the operation of the screen, the battery, the sound, the installed applications, or the security.

Within the settings of an Android terminal, we also find an interesting function that will help you disconnect from the mobile when you need it. We refer to the automatic on and off Android, a tool with a name that already clearly reflects what it is for.

If you cannot leave the mobile phone in certain periods, with this function, you can configure it to turn itself off and, thus, not be able to use it. The device will automatically turn on when you have chosen; that time, you know you will be available again.

The automatic on and off of a mobile is a useful tool when you need to concentrate while working or to study or when you want to rest undisturbed at night.

Next, we see how to perform this procedure on a OnePlus mobile. The names of the sections may vary depending on the manufacturer of your phone, but the steps to follow are mostly similar for all Android devices.

  1. Enter your mobile settings.
  2. Click on the “Utilities” section – it may also be in “Accessibility functions,” “Accessibility,” or similar “-.
  3. Click on the “Scheduled on / off” function.
  4. Activate the “On” and “Off” options by sliding the buttons to the right.
  5. First, click on “Set power-on time” to set the time you want the mobile to turn on automatically. Then, click on “Set shutdown time” to program the time at which the terminal will turn off.

That’s how easy it is to program the automatic on and off of your Android mobile. The two functions do not have to be activated simultaneously to fulfill their purpose; that is, you can activate the automatic switch on without the automatic switch-off being programmed.

In this way, you can take care of turning off the mobile manually and then leaving the power on at the time you have configured in the hands of the terminal itself. You are the one who decides at all times the operation of the automatic on and off of your mobile, a tool that can help you disconnect from technology when you need it most.