How To Search For Free And Ad-Free Games For Android On Google Play Games

We will explain how to search for free and ad-free games on Google Play Games, an alternative application from Google like an app store just for games. One of its main features is that it has a series of filters with which you can easily find games depending on their characteristics.

How To Search For Free And Ad Free Games For Android On Google Play Games

Just as in the Google Play application store, you can search for games, but it is difficult to search for them with specific characteristics such as that they are free or do not have micropayments; Google Play Games will allow you to apply these filters to find and download exactly that game. Because yes, you can also download the games from it without going to the main store.

Find the games with the filters you want

First, you should download the Google Play Games application, which is available at this Google Play link. You can also simply enter your mobile app store and search for its name. Then click on Install, and when you finish downloading and installing it, open it.

Once you are inside Google Play Games, make sure at the bottom that you are inside the Home section. In the content, go down to the All Games section, and you will see that you have several filters and categories between the section title and the games.

These sections or categories are the filters to organize which games appear to you in All games. Here, you can slide the filter bar to the sides to see the rest, and in it, click on the Free Download filter so that only the free download games appear.

You can combine more than one filter at the same time by clicking on them. For example, to find free apps and filter them by those with free downloads, you should also select no in-app purchases. And if you want, even without ads, it will cost you something more to have good results here.

As they have told us in Xataka Android, the available filters are the following** so that you can choose the ones that suit you best:

  • Popular | New
  • Snapshots | Premium | free download
  • Announcements | no ads
  • In-App Purchases | No in-app purchases
  • Selection of our experts | 4★, 4.2★, 4.5★, 4.7★
  • Landscape | Vertical
  • Play Games (Achievements | Leaderboards | Cloud Saves)
  • Action | arcade | Adventures | Careers | Letters | Casual | Sports | educational | Strategy | Board games | * * Music | Words and answers | puzzles | RPG | simulators
  • Accessible for the blind

When you find a game that appeals to you, click on it, and a window with information will open at the bottom of the screen. In this window, click the Install button to download the game directly from Google Play Games.