How To Send Messages To Yourself On WhatsApp With Its New Function

How to send messages to yourself on WhatsApp with its new function

We are going to explain how to send messages to yourself on WhatsApp in the easiest way possible. There were already other methods to send messages to yourself using the method to write to people who are not in your contacts. But now WhatsApp has made everything much easier.

It is a function that is already available on both Android and iOS and in both, it works in the same way. We will tell you the small step by-step with Android, but the steps to take are the same on the iPhone, only with a slightly different interface. The essential step before starting is to make sure that WhatsApp is updated to the latest version.

Messages to yourself on WhatsApp

Once you have WhatsApp updated to its latest version, what you have to do is enter its main screen. Inside, in the Chats tab, click on the button to write a new message, which is on the bottom right on Android and on the top right on iOS.

This will take you to your contact list. In it, you will see that your name now appears first to facilitate the process. Therefore, all you have to do here is click on your name to open a conversation with your person.

When the conversation opens, you will be able to send messages to yourself or yourself. With this function, WhatsApp becomes a blog of notes, since the messages you send yourself can be read from your computer or tablet if you have WhatsApp linked to any of them. Or simply, you will always have the conversations at hand to write things that only you see.