How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Adding Contacts To The Address Book On Android And IOS

How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Adding Contacts To The Address Book On Android And IOS

Sending a WhatsApp is usually the fastest method to contact our family or friends, but when it comes to something specific (the number of a real estate agent, new clients, strangers, etc.), it is quite inconvenient that WhatsApp forces us to add the phone number in our address book.

However, there is a very simple way to send messages without having the contact added, regardless of whether we are using iOS or Android. Next, we will show you a simple and free method that you can apply in a matter of minutes to send a message to contacts that you do not have in your address book without first saving them in it.

How to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts

As we said a few paragraphs above, carrying out this action is quite simple and it is executed in the same way regardless of whether our phone is an Android or an iPhone. Also, it is ban free because we are not going to use any third-party application.

The first thing we will have to do is copy this address “” in our browser. Instead of the Xs, we will write the number of the person we want to contact with the prefix of their country in front and without the + symbol. For example, if the number is from Spain and the phone is 666666666, the link would look like this:

If you copy this link in any app to open it later, make sure you do it through your browser so that it works correctly.

It is important to hit “open in Chrome” (or the browser you are using) if you open the link that we have provided from another app so that it opens in the browser instead of in the WhatsApp application itself.

Next, with the copied link, we will paste it into the browser of our phone and, automatically, it will send us a message requesting authorization to send a WhatsApp message to the said phone or asking if we want to open the WhatsApp app. Once we accept, a new chat will be opened directly for that number in the application itself.

What we have done is access a message-sending page that WhatsApp itself has, something that allows us to send content without having the person added to the agenda.

Finally, we will see how a chat has been started with that phone without having previously gone through the agenda, and once here, we will only have to write to contact that person. Keep in mind that if the person has blocked our number, this method does not work.