All About Azure: What is Microsoft Azure and How Can I Benefit From It?


All About Azure

Microsoft Azure is the company’s cloud platform that offers hundreds of products and services to computer users. Azure provides free, pay-per-use, and on-demand resources for businesses and individuals. It also provides the hardware and infrastructure, making it a full-service cloud product. 


Change data capture (CDC) can be useful in business to track changes in a database. Azure SQL CDC helps businesses and enterprises use their data to its fullest. With an SQL CDC, Azure can capture, filter, and use data through the SQL engine. After filtering and enriching the data, Azure creates real-time, affordable analysis for businesses to make wise choices without affecting the database. 

Local data centers

Azure has several benefits for all users. Computer users have several choices for their cloud providers, and Azure has strengths that separate it from other platforms. 

First, Azure has several data centers, so your protected information and applications are closer to you. Local data centers follow local rules and regulations, so users don’t have to worry about laws from other countries. 

Because of the local data centers and .NET framework, Azure provides industry certifications for several companies and industries. And due to Microsoft’s history and innovative platforms, companies can trust the applications and platform. 

The backing of Microsoft

Microsoft has provided exceptional customer support services, products, and hardware for over 40 years. During this time, they’ve worked hard to create seamlessly integrated systems, and the hybrid cloud is positive. Microsoft services connect to Azure and current and future technologies. 

You can trust that Microsoft will be available for support services, especially compared to startups looking to benefit from the growing cloud-computing needs. Just be careful that you also keep your cloud data protected with excellent cybersecurity.

Why use the hybrid cloud?

Azure uses a hybrid cloud system because Microsoft provides on-site and cloud-computing systems. Customers appreciate having their on-site systems and don’t want to move everything to the cloud. Long-time Microsoft customers can use the hybrid cloud to keep products and data close to home and send some to the cloud for safekeeping and remote work. 

Microsoft is working hard to support a hybrid cloud strategy as it grows its Azure products. Microsoft offers Azure Sentinel to help customers protect their cloud-based and local data. With Azure Sentinel, companies have protection for their on-site, hybrid setups thanks to VPN gateways and Sentinel express routes. 

Money-saving benefits

Azure and other cloud platforms help businesses and individuals save money on their computer systems. The servers, storage systems, dedicated networks, and human resources are expensive. Cloud providers take care of those costly needs, so businesses can save money now and in the long run. 

Rather than investing in computer infrastructure, customers can pay for the services they need when they need them. They can use the innovative Azure services to enhance their cloud computing needs, then switch to other benefits as Microsoft releases them. 


Microsoft Azure offers customers an innovative, high-tech, and evolving cloud-computing system. Customers can take advantage of data-enhancing technology, hybrid storage solutions, and nearby data centers for exceptional service and support from a highly-respected and industry-leading company.