A Complete Guide to Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative platform by Microsoft. It has amalgamated the key elements of Customer Relation Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI).

A Little about CRM and ERP:

The CRM is a system responsible for sales, marketing, recording customer interaction, service information, tracking and having an eye on the marketing campaigns. On the contrary, ERP handles the things behind the curtains. It handles the orders and their placements, billing shipping, accounting and details of supply chains.

With the amalgamation of these elements, an online effective business is created and a business cloud is formed. In this business, the internet is the cloud.

CRM and ERPERP solutions of Dynamic 365:

To have control over your businesses’ back end functions, ERP solutions are available.

Dynamics 365 business Central:

If you have a small business you can use Dynamics 365 to scale up gradually.

Finance and Operations:

It is recommended for the large companies to utilise this feature. It is designed for multinational and diversified business establishments.

Encore has made it easier for users to choose what app they should avail keeping in mind some twenty factors to decide the needs of your business firm.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud-based Business

Microsoft offers a public cloud in which it will serve you storage, servers, databases, analytics and business intelligence.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners is also a cloud based business. Microsoft 365 became the pioneer of such a platform where components of CRM and ERP were combined, in 2016.

A slight idea behind Microsoft 365 Dynamics

The Microsoft Dynamic 365 is an efficient system bringing to you the most amazing opportunities and removing all those infrastructures that you needed to use before.

Different Editions of Dynamics 365:

There are two broad versions od Dynamics 365 facilitating users with different needs. These versions are

Dynamics 365 Business Edition:

Now if you are just a small business establishment and your firm comprises of 10 to 250 employees, the business edition will serve you well. It is less expensive, may offer limited solutions but enough to help you reinstate your business. When purchasing this edition, you are paying for one of the modules offered by the Dynamics 365 Business Edition.

These modules are

  • Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Dynamics 365 for Customers Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition:

If your business is larger than that, this accessory is your gold. It has many features. And yet again, when you are paying for this edition, you are actually earning the rights to one of the many modules of Dynamics 365. But this time around they are massive and are of Enterprise versions.

Here the modules you have are

  • Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Dynamics 365 for Customers Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation
  • Dynamics 365 for Field Services

These are all Enterprise versions.

Which One is Better?

This wholly depends on your business specifications. But what you need to know is that by selecting the Business Modules you might be lacking many options. For example; your business module for sales may not have the following options.

Sales territories, sales goals customer demand intelligence, mobile offline capabilities and much more.

Apps and Features

There are multiple features of Dynamics 365. It allows a number of features to be utilised by the customers in order to polish their business revenues.

Data Based on Customers Reviews:

The Dynamics 365 reads into customer’s insights and enables business intelligence tools to play its actions into customer’s behaviours as well as providing a predictive scoring.


This features allow the Dynamics 365 to link into Adobe Marketing Cloud to provide an ideal way of planning campaigns.

Partnership with LinkedIn:

The cloud services also allow for talent hunt. The human resources cloud is linked to LinkedIn; an employment oriented online service, as Wikipedia puts it, which manages HR services.

Record of Sales

The feature of sales allow an enterprise or business to learn more about their customers and potential customers as well. It also reports about customer’s engagements and gives you a personalised Data.

Building Your Own Apps:

Microsoft 365 Dynamics allows you to make your own apps by availing their app creation experience as offered by Microsoft Power Apps.

Dynamics 365 Commerce:

It is the digital commerce app that brings in your call records and digital experiences for Omni channel sales.

Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality:

It includes four other aspects.

  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist: Collaboration for distance.
  • Dynamics 365 layouts: you can use holograms and choose easy to oriented with layouts.
  • Dynamics 365 Guides: will help you upgrade your understanding of this app and utilise it for further use.
  • Dynamics 365 Product Visualize: helps in targeting customers and shows reports.

A Common Data Service:

Microsoft does not use any older mods of singular databases. Now, Microsoft solutions include a collective or a common data service. This avoids the recreation of same model again and again. In fact, different companies can use the dame app. This keeps the price under check.

Holistic Approach

One of the many great features of the app is that it has a holistic approach of everything.  It saves you from fraud, informs you about your customer billing, points out the flaw in your advertising campaigns and your marketing management. It keeps a check and balance of your sales.  Rebecca Wettermann, Nucleus Research describes Microsoft 365 Dynamics as ‘powerful, competitive weapon against stand alone players’.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners

All of these widespread features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 may confuse you a little. You probably would not know how can it be helpful to you. What steps you may require to pick out those features which are a good aid to you in your business.

Here is a step-wise guide for you.


The evaluation is actually based on the businesses around you. You can use Business Process Review to launch your customizations and end-user experience. You will have to choose a business module that best suits your needs.

Evaluations must also include a careful check on the existing systems. A lot of the times people are using programmes that are run on extinct languages. This would not set well with the Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Once you are done evaluating everything, olan out a strategy for your business. The Dynamics 365 is a cloud based business, that means updates occur automatically. You must be informing the system about your customizations and what exactly you need, before you have a situation in which you cannot alter.


To administer the functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you would make a data migration plan. You should have set goals and targets for your business. You can assess the system’s validity by organising a sample database and check whether the output is according to your input or not.

Cross-functional Team:

The analysis that one has to carry out through different teams is called as performance gap analysis. In this kind of analysis you invite other teams and not only the team responsible for execution of the functions. In this way, other teams can inform you about the loopholes in your system and you can accordingly customize it. So, build a cross-functional team which could make your strategies more refined than ever.

Skill Developments

Skill Developments

The cloud business is constantly evolving. Everyday there is a new bug and a new solution. Newer ways are introduced and grand thoughts are put into consideration. Hence, you must carry on with speed and agility and keep up with constantly changing world. For this, a set of skills must always be at your hands.

You should join more and more training courses and have a detailed review in to products so you do not get stuck to anything.

Earn Yourself an Identity:

When you are associated to a business or an enterprise, your profile is constantly being viewed and your interactions with customers are recorded. Your bringing up of customers, and increasing a business’ clientele is being reported. Therefore, you should struggle hard and earn distinctions to get promoted.

Microsoft Programmes:

Microsoft offers programmes like Gold and Silver Competition. To keep yourself motivated towards the earlier discussed distinction, you must keep in view these competencies.

Benefits of 365 Dynamics:

With the amalgamation of CRM and ERP, Microsoft is replacing many of individual CRM systems as well as ERP systems.  This collective system is far more intelligent and integrated with the sister products.

Moreover, the add-ons of the AI on CRM apps like sales insights, customer insights and customer service insights, multiplies the tenacity of a business and makes it more productive.

By the use of this app, more and more people can gain an intel about their business, their targeted audience, change and plan their campaigns, keeping in mind the personalised Data being received.  It improves the employee-customer relationship. And exceeds customers’ expectations.

Furthermore, the regular updates of cloud mean that the latest features are already knocking on to your door.  You don’t have to look here and there to make yourself acquainted with the new business models. Cloud has it for you already. A Sunrise.co puts it.

Easy to use: Since it gives you a personalised experience through mobile and Web, it becomes a friendly and trustworthy assistant.  It enables you to work from one place. It also helps you connect through any cloud data source.

Easy to manage: It is built on the widely known Azure cloud. It has reliable backups and recovery options.

Easy to extend: It has an unmatchable connectivity and flexibility. There are 1000+ developer points. Also, project deliveries become faster, enabling you to extend your business more.

Easy to integrate: It is already integrated with many apps. It uses the common data service and is friendly to every company and project. It is highly adaptable. It Benefits from artificial intelligence.

Microsoft 365 Dynamics is Microsoft intelligent cloud.

Other benefits include cost savings, insights into greater businesses, a chance for free businesses to flourish and make investments trustworthy. Also, mobile hands are actually your business tool. You can carry your business anywhere with you. Check with the progress of your employees and remain up-to-date with your business.

The Microsoft 365 Dynamics act as your forever business partner. You need not worry about other partner abandoning you in your business because Microsoft Dynamics 365 would never do that to you. There is only one truth. You get what you want. And you put out things that you intend for your business to be successful and easier to run.

How to Become a Partner to Microsoft Dynamics 365:

You can also become a partner to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and sell their services for your own commission.

This is only possible if you are clicking the right places.

Microsoft Partner:

Firstly, you have to become a Microsoft Partner. Once you are registered for that, you can easily apply for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Signing Agreement:

Based on the services you are eager to provide; you will sign an agreement related to those services only.


To practice such an engaging task, you will register with Microsoft Partner Source. This is the hub of professional knowledge and exercises, full of professional cannon of knowledge which would mould your practice into expert level interactions.

Build up a Team:

If you are particular with the resources you have signed up for, you will probably get a cooperative team to accentuate your services and quality work that you would do in providing them to the customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Social Community:

Join them so you are always aware of the currents of the cloud business. Get the latest news and perform accordingly.

eBECS; A Partner to Microsoft Dynamic 365 Partners

eBECS is one of the many members of the Dynamics 365 partners. It is an award winning DXC technology company and Microsoft Gold partner. It has one of the best business solutions and manages services globally to sustain businesses and lead them to become error-free.


Sunrise is another partner to Microsoft 365 Dynamics. The partnership is mainly based on the shared vision and work ethics. Sunrise promises to tailor you with the Dynamics 365, and take full responsibility of your business.

The different businesses in which they can assist are footwear, apparel, fashion, retail, home furnishings, consumer products, manufacturing and distribution.

Dynamics 365 Licensing Glossary:

The licensing depends upon whether you are a light user or a full user. The latter differs from the former based on the vast access that the latter gets to enjoy.

The light user is one who has access to one core app but he has the read-rights of the other departments as well. This compartmentalization is important as it keeps the whole business well organised. The reading rights provided to all the employees for all the segments plays a pivotal role. It helps the other employees to target their customer by having access to all sort of interactions that the customer had with other departments of the same business firm.

The heavy user buys the whole suite of apps, while the light user only pays for what he is concerned with.

Dynamics 365 Budgets:

They are budget friendly system. Despite providing many features they cost better than their rivals like Salesforce, Oracle and SAP

It will cost you $40 for retailing per user month and for accessing all features. But if you have a team and you need to avail only a few features than you can be charged $5 per user for per month.

Online Assistance:

If you do not understand how this app works, there are online websites available to help you out. They work in partnership with many partners of Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners and provide you a complete assistance.

Since it is a complete revolution to the technology and transforms your business in technological ways there could be many confusions that could be ended by utilising the online Assistance available.

Reasons to Choose Dynamics 365

CRM is the part and parcel of any business. Any company that wants to enhance its sales, and expand its market must have CRM solutions to boost up.

Microsoft known for its revolutionary feats has done this too. By combining the ERP and CRM capabilities in one program; Microsoft Dynamics 365, it has already conquered the market and its ways of setting up or resuming a business.

It has rightly been called a posh address book which consists of each and every detail. From the date of your crew to your prospective customers, it has gotten a way to reach to everyone and anyone.

One can easily optimize their business ways in the most minimal ways and get caught on to highest benefits of the business world. With the induced conventions, ease of use, customization, and its broad spectre of CRM and ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics has grabbed a vast number of audience.


If you have ERP or CRM separately and your business revolves around the business cloud, Microsoft 365 Dynamics could be of further help. It integrates these both to give you a new platform providing you with the best chances of exploring your business opportunities and succeeding at them with no risk at all.  Time to throw out your singleton systems and get a hold of this amazing Microsoft Rendition of old and new.  There are many partners to the Microsoft 365 Dynamics because they share the same vision as them. Learn about your business requirements and strike a partnership with them to grasp an understanding of the Microsoft 365 Dynamics. It might be revolutionising your whole business set up. Grow and achieve more.