What Causes Samsung TV Blinking Red Light Issue?

Samsung TV Blinking Red Light
Samsung TV Blinking Red Light

Samsung TV is among the most popular TV brands. However, just like any other TV they may disappoint. Most times we come home to enjoy our favorite TV shows after a busy day only to be disappointed when we find the TV is not working. Several people have experienced the issue of Samsung TV blinking red light.

Therefore, this should not worry you because in this article we explain to you about all the possible causes and solutions to this problem. If every time you try to turn on your TV only a red light lights while the screen remains black, you should go through this article because it has all that you need to go back to enjoying your favorite shows.

What Causes Samsung TV Blinking Red Light Issue?

  • Problems with power supply: If power supply is compromised, your TV will not work. It is most likely that the cause of the shortage in the power supply of your TV is as a result of excessive inflow of electric current. Excessive inflow of electric current may cause a damage to the whole power supply or other components like transistors and capacitors.
  • HDMI issue: A game console can be the reason why your Samsung TV will not turn on. It may cause a HDMI glitch that is obvious in Samsung TV. If you directly shut the console off instead of changing the HDMI input source, you may end up causing a glitch in the HDMI which in turn causes a problem in your Samsung TV.
  • Launch configuration problems: if your TV’s launch configurations are corrupted, it may result to a startup problem causing your TV to not turn on with a red blinking light. Normally, launch configurations help speed up the startup process. However a corruption to the configuration may prevent your Samsung TV from starting.
  • A failing surge protector: if you use this device with your Samsung TV, then the surge protector may be the cause the issue if it is not directly connected to the power outlet. This is mainly because the surge protector may have been worn out hence not supplying your Samsung TV with enough voltage.
  • The selected source may be wrong: if the source is wrongly selected, it is most likely that your TV will not be able to correctly receive the signal from the source. This mistake may result to a problem when launching your Samsung TV.

These are the most common and possible causes for Samsung TV blinking red light. To fix your Samsung TV it is important to start by understanding what could be the main cause of the problem. With the knowledge of the most possible and common causes of the problem you will be able to fix your TV and go back to endlessly enjoying your favorite TV shows.

To fix your TV you should begin by identifying the issue through the following steps:

  • Turn on your TV and check your TV’s lower right side to see if it the standby light is on
  • If the standby light on your TV is on, check to see if the LED turns off when you press the power button on your remote.
  • Your TV is properly connected to the power supply if the LED turns off.
  • Lightly, tap your finger on the screen of your TV to see if the screen is being powered.
  • If it blinks then the screen is also properly functioning.
  • If the LED does not turn off or the screen does not blink there is either a problem with your remote, the screen is faulty or there is a problem with the power supply.

How Fix Samsung TV Blinking Red Light Issue

How Fix Samsung TV Blinking Red Light Issue

To continue fixing your Samsung TV you may use the following methods:

  1. Switch to a Different Power Source

It is possible that your TV is not receiving enough power. This will cause your TV to blink a red light and also the TV will most probably not turn on. If the power source is the source of the problem:

  • Switch to a different power outlet.
  • Check if there are any blown fuses in your fuse box.
  • Buy a new power cord.

If these still don’t work it is possible that the inner transmitters of your TV are not working as a result of power surge which may have occurred during power loss. If this is the case, it is best if you call the Samsung’s support team.

  1. Directly Plug Your Samsung TV into Its Power Source

By plugging your TV into a surge protector, you protect it from excessive electric current which may damage the inner transistors of your TV. Surge protectors do not however last long. The may be able to last between two to five years.

After a period of time your surge protector will no longer be able to generate sufficient energy to power your TV. To address this problem you may simply plug your TV into the wall directly or buy a new surge protector.

  1. Restart Your TV

Simply restarting your TV could be all you need to solve the issue. In most cases power cycling your TV can be helpful even when your TV has corrupted launch configurations. By carrying out this method you will correct any possible glitch in your TV and also be able to get rid of the corrupted launch configurations. To restart your TV follow the following steps:

  • Completely unplug your TV from the power outlet.
  • Press the power button on your TV and hold for approximately 15 seconds.
  • Plug the TV back into the power outlet.
  • Check if the problem has been solved after turning on your TV.

This method will be able to solve the problem of corrupted launch configurations and if not there are other methods below to help you solve this problem.

  1. Unplug Your Video Game Consoles

It is possible that your TV did not return to the same output after using your PS4 or Xbox. If this is the cause of the problem it is easy to solve it. To solve this;

  • Unplug your PS4 or Xbox or any other game console that may be connected from your TV.
  • Turn on your TV.

Check whether the issue with your Samsung TV will be solved, because it is possible that the cause of the issue was from the console.

  1. Connect To a Different HDMI Cable

HDMI cables just like surge protectors can only last for a few years. The internal connectors of HDMI cables degrade over time hence having a problem when transmitting signals. It is advisable to ensure that the HDMI cable you buy meets all the specifications of your TV.

These methods should be able to solve the problem of Samsung TV blinking red light. However, if your TV still has this problem after you have tried all the above methods it is advisable to contact Samsung’s customer support. If your Samsung TV is experiencing a problem with internal power source, it may require the help of a technician to fix the problem.

How to fix Samsung TV screen black but no blinking light?

Is your Samsung TV powered but you still cannot see picture. This may be due to a number of things. It could be due to a problem caused by:

  • Poor cable connection.
  • An issue with software update.
  • A problem with the hardware.
  • TV could be in power saver mode.
  • Problem with the Inputs settings.

There are a number of fixes for this problem that could satisfyingly solve the issue and make it possible for you to go back to enjoying endless entertainment from your favorite TV shows. The following fixes will help you solve this problem.

  • Connect the TV cables properly.
  • Set your TV’s Input correctly.
  • Turn off the power saver mode.
  • Update your TV’s Firmware.
  • Power cycle your Samsung TV.
  • Factory reset/ Hard reset your Samsung TV.


In most cases when your TV is blinking a red light, it is most likely that the cause of this issue is a problem with the power supply. This however should not scare you since as long as the power board is not totally damaged, you can easily solve the problem yourself.

As long as you have ensured that the problem is not as a result of any power supply interference or any problem with the power supply, you may go through all the other methods to trouble shoot your TV to solve the problem. It is most likely that one of the above methods will work for you making it possible for you to go back to endlessly streaming on your Samsung Smart TV for your favorite shows.