The Best Coffee Gadgets to Buy for Caffeine Lovers

The Best Coffee Gadgets

Are you looking to buy a brand new coffee gadget for your caffeine lover friend?

Stop looking! In this article, you will find 5 of the best coffee gadgets around. They are affordable, reliable, and incredibly convenient!

We are going to talk about automatic milk frothers, portable espresso makers, manual coffee grinders, smart mugs, and vacuum canisters.

Sounds awesome right?

Let’s get into it!

1. Automatic Milk Frother

Automatic Milk Frother

For making a really good espresso shot (or other fancy caffeinated drinks) you need milk. But just adding milk is not enough, in order to get that special texture and flavor you need a steam wand.

However, not everyone has a steam wand with them. That’s why I am recommending you an automatic milk frother.

This device does exactly what its name suggests. It basically works like a milk frother but with an awesome extra feature, automation.

2. Portable Espresso Maker

Portable Espresso Maker

A portable espresso maker is ideal for those people who absolutely love to make their own espresso shots but who don’t have time for either making their own shots at home or going to a coffee shop.

These devices are really small, easy to use and they produce enough pressure for making really good espresso shots almost anywhere.

The best part (for a lot of people) is that they are really easy to clean.

3. Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder

One of the secrets for making really good espresso shots is the grind size of the coffee grounds and the freshness of the beans. The fresher the beans the better right?

A lot of people would like to have their own coffee grinder at home but since they are quite expensive (the good quality ones of course) they just buy pre-ground coffee.

Well, I got you some good news!

You can find a very affordable manual coffee grinder for less than $100. With them, you can grind your own beans at home in less than 10 minutes.

The major downside of these gadgets is that you have to apply some manual effort in order to get good quality coffee grounds.

However, I have to say that for some people grinding their own coffee beans manually is very pleasant. If you are one of those people, you will absolutely love this gadget.

4. Smart Mug

Smart Mug

Let’s suppose that you have made a delicious cup of coffee for yourself, put the cup on the side of your table, and start working, you get focused on your work and when you decide to take a sip of your coffee you realize that it is cold.

This is extremely frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, if you love technology you will be amazed by this product.

A smart mug is a device that adjusts the temperature of your coffee automatically. As this is a modern device, you can configure it using an app on your phone.

I know, you might be thinking. Isn’t it dangerous to wash an electric cup like that?

Actually, it is not dangerous, these devices are made specially to be safe to hand wash.

Also, they have a long-lasting battery and they have an auto-sleep function that turns off the mug once you have stopped using it.

The only downside of these devices is that they can be quite expensive ($100 or so), but they are totally worth it!

5. Vacuum Canister for Coffee

Vacuum Canister for Coffee

If you love coffee, you know well that the best coffee beans are the fresh ones.

Knowing this, you absolutely know that storing coffee beans can be an issue since oxygen accelerates the process of oxidation which decreases the flavor of the final product.

Today there are modern devices called “Vacuum Canisters” that fix this issue.

These devices remove the air from the canister prolonging the freshness of the coffee beans stored in them by 50%.

Awesome right?

They are extremely easy to use (This process works for most vacuum canisters).

  1. Twist the lid
  2. Press the button in the top to release the air

Typically, you’ll need to repeat this process every 4 to 5 days to maintain the vacuum seal, but it’s worth the time.

How to Choose The Best Gadget for My Coffee Lover Friend?

All of these products are amazing, but you might be wondering, which one should I buy?

Well, it is very simple! You can ask your friend what are his challenges when making coffee and what would he like to improve.

If you ask these questions you will know exactly what to buy and you will make sure that your friend will be happy with his gift.

Final Words

These were 5 of the best coffee gadgets that you can buy for a caffeine lover. I assure you that they will love any of these products since they can make their life incredibly easier.

Also, most of these products are really affordable so anyone can buy them!