Solve the GPS Signal Not Found 11 Error with These Simple Steps


Pokemon Go is an amazing and immersive game that you can play on your smartphone. You get off the streets to play and have fun with your friends. But, as you move on, some errors disrupt the enjoyment. Hence, a message pops up and says, “Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found 11.”  So, are you facing this problem too? Do you want to remove this error and continue your game? Then, this is the right place. Here, are some easy tips to remove the error immediately. Therefore, please read below to know the process.

Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found 11
Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found 11

Why does Pokemon Go GPS Error 11 Happen? 

However, there are several reasons that lead to this type of error. It can be anything like due to poor signal, no access to the GPS, etc. Therefore, this error is common in both iPhone as well as Android devices.

Moreover, three main reasons cause Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found 11 happen. They are as follows.


Firstly, you should know that jailbreak and root are illegal. Still, many people use it. They generally use this to hack the game or other purposes. So, with its help, you can easily do anything. But, it provides every access to your phone.

Furthermore, you can also convert the memory of your SD card to your Phone RAM. As a result, viruses or malware enter your device. That’s how it leads to an error of Pokemon Go GPS Error 11.

Internet or the GPS is not on

Secondly, to play the game of Pokemon Go, GPS is crucial. Along with that, it also requires access to the Internet. So, if you are using Wi-Fi, then you are not able to use it beyond a certain area. Also, you need to switch on the option of “High Accuracy.”

That’s why the error occurs, and you are not able to play the game. So, make sure that you have a strong internet connection and provide a GPS connection. Then, don’t forget to open the location settings to activate the “High Accuracy.”

Problem in Permission Access

Thirdly, as you now understand that Pokemon Go requires three main things to run the game. They are Internet, GPS and most importantly, Storage. So, after you install the game on your device, you have to grant permission access.

Thus, if you don’t do so, you will not be able to play the game properly. Also, the error of GPS Signal Not Found 11 will appear. So, if you don’t want this to happen, make sure you have given the necessary permission.

Solutions to Solve Your Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found 11

So, now you understand the problems that can cause this error. However, if you still cannot fix it, then you can move ahead and follow the below steps. Please read them carefully.

Enable Your GPS

As said, your Pokemon Go app requires the access to the Location. Hence, it requires GPS to function properly. So, enabling it will help you to solve the problem  of Pokemon Go GPS Error 11. Therefore, read the below steps to solve this problem.

  • Firstly, open the settings of the smartphone.
  • Then, you need to find the option of Location.
  • Toggle it to switch it on.
  • Lastly, restart your game to see if the error is there or not.

Hence, you can now play your game smoothly. But, if this solution still doesn’t work for you, read the other steps.

Grant Important Permissions to the App

Secondly, you can also try to grant the required permissions to run the app. Readf the following to understand how to do it.

  • Open the option of Settings of the smartphone.
  • Then, select the applications.
  • After that, find the app of Pokemon Go and open it.
  • Then, tap on the option of Permissions.
  • Now, you will see various options. Find the “Location” over there and toggle on it switch it on.

Thus, this is how you can grant permissions for any app whenever needed.

Restart the Device

Thirdly, sometimes the app doesn’t work properly even if everything is alright. For that, restarting the smartphone can help to refresh everything. So, it is best to try out this option and Reboot your IPhone or Android smartphone.

Hence, after that, you can open the app to know if Pokemon Go GPS Error 11 is there or not. Check if everything is working smoothly. If yes, then you have fixed it. But, if it is still not working, you can proceed to follow the other solutions.

Disable or Switch off Mock Location

Mock Location is used by those who want to hack the GPS for the game. Due to this, several errors appear, and Pokemon go GPS Signal Not Found 11 is evident. So, if you don’t want this to happen, you should disable the system of mock Location. Hence, follow these steps to do it successfully.

  • Open the Settings and then go to the “About Phone.”
  • Then, you have to click upon “Build Number” for 8 times.
  • Thirdly, you have to again go to the Settings. After that, select the “Developer Options.”
  • After that, you have to turn off the option of Mock Locations.
  • Hence, now you are done and try if this worked or not.
  • Change the Accuracy of the Network

Furthermore, changing the network accuracy disrupts the functioning of the game. So, you must change that to fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found 11. Therefore, these easy and simple steps will help you.

Open the game of Pokemon Go

  • Simultaneously, open the Google Maps while the game functions in the background.
  • Then, you have to tap on the “Locate Me” option.
  • Now, you need to open your Pokemon Go app again from the recent tabs.
  • Thus, this trick can help you solve this issue instantly. So, check if everything is fine or not.

Update the App

Update the App

Moreover, this Pokemon Go GPS Error 11 also occurs when you don’t update the app. So, make sure that you update the app regularly with the latest version. It is because every update provides an improvement in support, bug fixes, etc.

Along with that, you also get new features along with every update. However, it also happens that you will receive fake errors in the app. So, if you find any of these errors, then check if the app is updated or not. If not, go to the Apple Store on your iPhone and update the app. Furthermore, for Android users, you can update the app from the Google Play Store.

Hence, follow the below steps to update the app of Pokemon Go on your Android smartphone.

  • Open the Play Store on the smartphone.
  • Then, tap on the search bar and type the name of the game, i.e., Pokemon Go.
  • You will see the Update option, so tap on it. Make sure to allow the permissions needed.

Wait for some time until the update completes. After that, you can open the app and play your favourite game.

Reset the Settings of Your Location

Finally, resetting is the best option if any of the above solutions are not working. This tip can help to get rid of the problem of Pokemon Go GPS Error 11. You can opt for factory reset of your phone. You can follow the below steps that can help you guide for the location settings.

  • Open Settings on You’re the device.
  • Then, tap on the Safety and Privacy option. You will find the Location over there.
  • Now, turn on your GPS location.
  • Then, set the accuracy level to the “High Accuracy.”
  • Therefore, you will see that the app is now running smoothly without any interruption.

Uninstall Your Pokemon Go App then install it again

Additionally, if nothing workout, you can apply this solution for your Pokemon Go GPS Error 11. For this, open the Play Store on your smartphone and then search Pokemon Go on it. Read the following for further steps.

  • After that, you will see two options. They are –Uninstall and then Open.
  • You have to click on the Uninstall option.
  • Thirdly, wait for some time until the app disappears from the device.
  • Now, again go to the play store and again search for Pokemon Go.
  • Hence, you will see the option of Install. Click upon it to proceed.
  • Wait until the process completes and then open the app.
  • You will be asked to give permissions, so you have to click on allow.

Therefore, you will see that your Pokemon Go GPS Error 11 is not there anymore. Now you can play your game and enjoy it anytime.

So, these are some simple tips through which you can fix the error of GPS Signal Not Found 11. You will also realise that fixing this error is not that hard. So, just follow the above steps carefully, and you are done. Now, the game will function smoothly anytime. However, if you face this problem again, the above tips can help you.