How To Sign Out Of Gmail

How to sign out of Gmail

We are going to explain how to log out of Gmail, both on the mail service website and in its mobile application. In this way, if you want to stop using this account in your email, you can close the session and start it with a new account.

On mobile, this is somewhat complex, as you will be signed out at the device level, which means that the account will be closed in several Google apps. In the specific case of Android, it is not recommended to log out of your main account to continue using the mobile normally.

How to log out of Gmail web

How to log out of Gmail web

Signing out of the Gmail website is a very simple procedure, and what you have to do first is enter the page. Once inside, click on your profile photo, which will appear with a round icon at the top right on the web.

When you click on your profile image, a window will open with your information and options to manage your account. In this window, you simply have to click on the Close session option that will appear below and that’s it, you will have already closed it.

How to sign out of the Gmail app

In the mobile app, you don’t have a function to log out only in the app, and you will have to log out on all your mobile. In any case, the process starts in the app, and you have to click on the profile photo that you will see in the upper right.

A window with options will open, very similar to the one on the web. However, what you should do here is click on the Manage the Accounts for this device option that will appear at the bottom of the window.

This will take you to the settings of your mobile, to the section where you can manage your Google account, and you will have to log out here by removing your account. The appearance of the section changes depending on whether it is iOS or Android, or the customization layer. In addition, in Android, you must take into account one thing, and that is that the account will be closed in all apps, and if it is your main account, you will no longer be able to download and update apps or perform other important functions.