How To Watch The World Cup In Russia Online

How to watch the 2018 World Cup in Russia online

Today we are going to explain how to watch the Russia World Cup online. It is about the 21st FIFA World Cup, which this year will take place in Russia. The championship will officially start on June 14 with the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia and will provide us with four weeks of competition until the final to be held on July 15.

Although many will surely see it on television, today we will explain how to watch the World Cup online for free and legally. The rights are all owned by Mediaset, so it’s going to be a fairly simple and unified experience. We will also tell you how to use Google to closely follow all the information related to the sporting event, as well as the live results of any match.

How to watch the world cup online

Just as in the soccer league, we find a large number of alternatives to watch one or the other matches, the broadcasting rights of the entire World Cup in Spain have been taken by Mediaset. This means that we will be able to follow all the matches on their T5, Cuatro, and BeMad channels, both on television and on the Internet.

Mediaset will also be in charge of broadcasting all the World Cup matches online through its streaming platform, In addition to watching them on computers and laptops with the web, you can also watch the matches on your mobile devices through the official MiTele applications for Android and iOS.

To be able to watch the matches, all you have to do is enter the website or the app and go to the Live tab. Once in this section, you must search for the channel that is broadcasting the game and click on it to start watching it.

In addition to the MiTele application, Mediaset has also created another specific app for the World Cup, where they will centralize all the information and live broadcasts to watch in streaming. The application is called Mediaset FIFA World Cup, and you have it available on both Android and iOS.

If you plan to watch a game through a mobile device, you should bear in mind that live broadcasts can consume a significant amount of data, up to more than one gigabyte per game depending on the quality of the broadcast. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to connect through a WiFi network or make sure you have a large enough rate to be able to afford it.

In Google, you can follow the results

If you are not going to be able to watch the games but you still want to be informed online, Google makes it easy for you so that you can consult all the results from the search engine without having to enter any specific website. It will do so with a special module that will be shown to you when you do searches related to the World Cup.

All you have to do is enter Google from your browser or mobile and search for terms such as “Soccer World Cup”“Russia World Cup” or similar, the name of the team you want to obtain information from, or something similar. When you do this, Google will show you a table with the upcoming games and other options organized in tabs to see the news, the rankings, or the knockout phase pairings. You can even follow the matches live.

If you do searches related to a selection, such as Spain World Cup, a very similar box will appear but with all the content related exclusively to the selection on which you have searched. If you do so while the team is playing, you’ll be shown a live score so you don’t lose track of what’s happening on the pitch.