How to write with strikethrough text in WhatsApp


We continue with our round of tips for WhatsApp. Indeed, different functions have arrived in the application, such as the new stickers that we talked about not long ago or the new way of displaying multimedia content. However, there are options that we have had at our disposal for quite some time, and still, many do not control them.

We already told you how you could write in bold and how to write in italics in the popular instant messaging application, also how to write in italics. However, this is not over, and crossing out is another of the things you can do in the Facebook application. We tell you how to cross out words or phrases in WhatsApp with these simple steps.

So you can cross out a word or phrase in WhatsApp.

All these functions are designed so that the messages you send can be somewhat more complex; after all, they are tools that can be very useful at any given time. A message is always much more effective when it stimulates the recipient with variations like these.

Cross out in WhatsApp with code

As we already mentioned when we talked about the other text modifications, the first method that you can use is the one that is based on the application code. It is very simple as soon as you do it a couple of times and in my opinion, it is the most natural. You have to follow these steps:

  • Open one of your conversations on WhatsApp.
  • Click on the text input drawer and write the message you want.
  • To be able to cross out a word or phrase, insert that part of the text between curved dashes (~)

Cross out in WhatsApp with Android text selection

If you don’t want to be looking for unusual symbols on your keyboard, you can always cross out text using the Android selector. With this simple script, you will be able to access the drop-down menu that will show you this and other options:

  • Enter any conversation on WhatsApp.
  • Click on the text input drawer to start writing a message.
  • Write the text of the message.
  • Select the word or phrase that you want to cross out with a long press, and you will be able to display the options menu.

As you can see, and like writing in bold or italic, crossing out any text in WhatsApp is very simple. In fact, you can do it in up to 2 different ways, as we have shown you here.

You already have the complete pack; from now on, you can give a different air to the messages you send in your day-to-day. Avoid long texts your friends and acquaintances only skim over; give them some life with these simple tricks.