Important Technology Trends that Will Shape & Improve Our Future



The technology keeps moving forward, but judging from our past experience, progress does not always translate into something good. Fortunately, humanity is starting to understand the central concept of noosphere philosophy — thinking on a planetary level and applying knowledge to everyone’s ultimate benefit. This concept is reflected in many technology developments today, so there is hope that future tech will make the world an even better place. Let’s take a look at today’s most important technology trends and imagine how these developments will look in the future.

Genomics & Medicine Advancement for Everyone’s Benefit

Even though today, gene editing may sound like a preview to a horror science fiction movie, this technology can help solve plenty of healthcare problems in the future. Today, scientists hope that they can correct DNA mutations that often lead to cancer, finally finding an effective cure for this disease. Another important technology advancement may take prosthetic implants to a new level, making them more functional and realistic. Why is medical technology important? Mostly because it increases life quality and keeps pushing other important technology spheres forward.

Artificial Intelligence as a General Trend

AI is a hot topic today, even though its definition is still rather broad. Like every new tech, it raises some concerns. However, if developed properly, AI can meet six important business objectives of information technology. Those are:

New & improved products, services, and business models : 

  • Customer privacy;
  • Survival;
  • Competitive advantages;
  • Functional excellence;
  • Emphasis on efficiency, practical application, flexibility, and decision-making capabilities.

Artificial intelligence is exactly the kind of technology that can accommodate all six of these objectives, improving all sorts of data analysis and offering suggestions on the optimal data configuration. Besides, this new technology is an important source of new ideas because it gives humanity a chance to look at many things from a different angle. Ultimately, that’s what progress and innovation are always about.

Internet of Things for Optimal Daily Operations

future technologyIoT is another widely discussed subject today and is definitely an example of important technology that will be very useful in the future. IoT stands for a network of objects, including sensors and electronics, tied together by Internet and cloud services. The smart house technology is the simplest example of how IoT works. A smartphone app allows everyone to remotely control various appliances back at home. In the future, this important technology should become far more advanced and may become essential for many business and manufacturing processes.

3D Printing & Its Exciting Potential

3D printing is widely used already, and it looks like this important technology is here to stay. This technology allows printing complex three-dimensional objects, and it has already made its way beyond the original expectations. In a way, 3D printing owes its rapid progress to important people in technology who have fully understood this tech’s potential. Today, 3D printing can create not only toys and basic prototypes; it is widely used in auto and avionics component parts manufacturers.

Several established aerospace companies are manufacturing their rocket engines on 3D printers. This makes rocket manufacture more affordable, which, in turn, makes space launches more cost-effective. The benefits of space sector development may not be obvious for the average public, but the fact is — we already rely on satellites to get important data about our planet. This data includes maps and navigation, Internet access in remote areas, weather forecasting, natural disaster monitoring, and way more. The more advanced this business segment becomes, the more data we will have about our home planet. In the long run, access to space can help us preserve, potentially increase, our resources — and seemingly simple 3D printers already play a huge role in that.

Virtual & Augmented Reality for Increased Safety

Today, augmented reality is mostly used in gaming, but this technology’s true potential goes far beyond entertainment. Several educational institutions are already adjusting their programs to benefit from real-life computer simulations.

Further development of this important technology can address many issues, including those in the space sector. Virtual simulations can prove very useful to train pilots, eventually contributing to increased air and space travel safety.

In manufacture, AR can be used to test model prototypes, which will mean lower testing and manufacturing budgets. Both would mean an important information technology milestone that could change everyone’s life for the better.

Drones as an Important Milestone in Unmanned Aircraft

Like augmented reality, drones should take human safety to a new level. The unmanned aircraft of the future will surely have increased power capabilities. Once again, this important technology will be widely used in space and avionics. Next-generation fpv drone will help collect important data, performing a series of tasks that do not imply human involvement. And this leads us to the next and final point on our important technology development list.

Robotics as the Future of Automation

Today, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of information technology. So, it is only going to grow in the future. This year alone will see an increase in the number of operational industrial robots. Automating these processes will rely on IT and AI, and even though robotics automation has its opponents, this important technology has more pros than cons. For starters, it should minimize human errors in the production line. Next, this important achievement will free people from routine tasks such as logistics, warehousing, surveillance, etc. As a result, human resource’s potential will be focused on other, more important, and creative activities.

So, why is technology important? Mostly because it has the potential to change our lives for the better. Still, the real importance of science and technology for the future is that today’s developments are centered on optimizing our planet’s resources and preserving them for the next generations. Unlike past technologies that used to drain our planet’s potential, new tech strives to nurture and protect it. So far, this shift from wastefulness and consumerism is one of the most important technological advancements mankind has seen.