Is a Picture Password Safe?


picture password

If you’ve been using Windows for a long time, you probably opt for the “same old, same old” PIN to protect your computer. Or, if you’re more of a budding tech aficionado, then you’ve probably used the face and fingerprint unlock system as well.

But have you ever tried out the brand new “picture password” method?

Although it doesn’t get enough love or recognition, the picture password process is probably the most secure option in Windows right now. Please keep reading to know more about it.

Windows Picture Password – What Is It, Really?

As mentioned before, the Windows Picture Password is a brand new security system that can make it practically impossible to hack your computer.

With it, you’ll have to select a picture from your computer’s library and include three inputs in the same. It can be anything, like a circle, a tap, or a line. Once you’ve set up this combo, you can use the same to unlock your account.

And, since a picture password is local to your computer, there’s no way someone can access or decrypt it from outside. Even if someone finds out the right combination, your regular PIN will not be exposed. Hence, there’s no need to worry about hacking at all.

How To Set Up A Picture Password?

The procedure of setting up a picture password is pretty straightforward. However, if you have no idea about it, make sure to use the following steps thoroughly.

  • Click on the “Start” button on your computer (it should be available at the bottom-left corner of your screen). And then tap on settings. It will open a new window.
  • Now, find and choose “Accounts.” After doing so, another new window will open on your screen, where a button called “sign-in options” will be available. Click on it.
  • From this window, you’ll have the option to choose between three options –
    • Logging in to your computer with a PIN,
    • Changing your current alphanumeric password, and
    • Creating a new picture password.
  • As you’re using a picture password, click on “add” under it. After that, you’ll have to type in your password and click “OK.”
  • Next, you’ll have to follow the on-screen tips to create and set up your new picture password. It may include –
    • Choosing a photo from your library (could be personal or anything else).
    • Drawing three different or similar gestures (depending on your liking).
    • Confirm the gestures you’ve just drawn on your screen.

Note: If you forget your picture password, Windows will let you sign in by using the PIN you were using in the beginning. Also, deleting or removing the picture will automatically activate your PIN or password-based system.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, we can help you understand the basics of a picture password and how you can set it up. However, in this section, we’ll try to answer a few questions to clarify some aspects that you probably are struggling with. So, let’s get started!

What Does A Picture Password Do?

Like any other password system, this one, too, helps you protect your computer and the data available in it from prying eyes. But, instead of setting up a written password, you have to use a photo from your library and draw gestures on it.

Which Is Safer – PIN Or A Picture Password?

If you’re following the online password curation strategies, then almost any type of password will be safer for you. But, if we had to choose between a picture password and a PIN, we’d definitely choose the former.

How Do You Choose A Picture Password?

When you’re choosing a picture password, it’s best to opt for something that’s personal, like a picture of your childhood. This way, it’ll be only you who’ll know how to place the gestures properly and remember the nooks and crannies about it.

The Bottom Line

In essence, a picture password is probably the safest PC security option available out there as long as you’re doing it correctly. However, you can also use text and numbers the right way to come up with strong passwords.

There are online password generator tools that help the user with passwords generated using different combinations. These passwords are not only safe but also hard to break. Even if the hacker enters the system, it will take a long time to decode.

This will give you enough time to change the password and prevent any data loss. If your interest in password generators has increased, visit and download the software from the pirate bay mirror.

Hopefully, we could offer as much information as possible through this article. If you still have anything else to ask, write it in the comment section below. Or, check out a YouTube video or two regarding the same. It should help you get rid of the confusion.