Miyamoto is the mother of Bowser Jr.

A Shigeru Miyamoto must love him. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played anything of his or Nintendo consoles and games don’t catch your eye: Miyamoto is a true teacher and a most endearing guy. Today, continuing with the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of ‘Super Mario Bros.,’ we see him in a video revealing the truth behind a few Mario myths.

The most glorious moment is when he admits to being Bowser Jr.’s mother; of course, he is. When asked if he knows the identity of this character’s mother, Miyamoto nods and points to himself. Had he been in front of her, he would have hugged her. It’s also cool to confirm that ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ is a theatrical performance. In general, everything is excellent.

Tomorrow comes ‘Super Mario Maker,’ a tribute to the saga you will be in charge of designing the levels, and Sunday the 13th is the 30th Anniversary of ‘Super Mario Bros.’. To enjoy.