Negative Atmosphere, the game that borrows more than inspiration from Dead Space


Negative Atmosphere the game that borrows more than inspiration from Dead Space

They say that the best compliment is that they imitate you. If true, the people of Sun Scorched Studios must idolize those responsible for Dead Space because what has been seen so far is relatively little from the saga created by the late Visceral Games.

Released recently at EGX Rezzed, Negative Atmosphere is a survival horror with a dose of third-person shooter and a lot of sci-fi that borrows a lot from the game starring engineer Isaac Clarke. To show the main character’s clear inspiration, the camera’s position and elements such as the hud integrated into the suit itself. Just focusing a little more on the action, with the absence of a plasma cutter like the one we saw in the game published by EA, and the more common presence of firearms saves it from being a traced knockoff.

Those curious can approach their Patreon, from where they obtain the financing for a project currently more than 23 people participate and from which they hope to get a game that exceeds at least 7 hours. His plans, however, are to release a playable demo soon and upload it to Kickstarter, releasing it first for PC, Mac, and Linux and, depending on its success, for other platforms.