Xbox One X arrives November 7: The most powerful console and the smallest Xbox that offers true 4K

Xbox One X arrives November 7

Update: has just been announced Xbox One X price: $ 499 / euros.

Microsoft has announced the date on which the most powerful console ever made will arrive: Project Scorpio is officially called Xbox One X. It will be launched on November 7 worldwide, and its appearance can be seen on these lines.

Its design is very similar to that seen on Xbox One S: minimalist. However, more discreet, thanks to a darker finish, Microsoft has ensured that it will be even more compact: it will be the most powerful console of all and the smallest Xbox made up to date.

Of course, inside, it will continue to be a beast: buffers that will offer 2160p, HDR, six teraflops of processing power, and 12GB GDDR5 of graphics memory. Microsoft assures that it will be 40% more potent than any other console. And yes: Phil Spencer has made it clear that he will offer his content in True 4K.

It only remains to confirm the price. Has Geoff Keighley made the hare jump by announcing those $499? We will know very soon.