Xbox One X will be released on November 7

Xbox One X will be released on November 7

Xbox One X is the definitive name that Microsoft has wanted to give to its new console, which will reach all Xbox One markets from next November 7, 2017, at 499 euros.

But that was not the most impressive thing about the Microsoft conference. The console was the highlight, but we all expected the company to announce games. And in that sense, it can be said that the company has done a beastly job: 42 titles in total, 22 of them being exclusive on console, both temporary and total. I emphasize that “console exclusives” because, as you well know, first-party games also come out for Windows 10.

Xbox One X: with 4K and One-by-flag support

The central claim of the console at a technical level is the possibility of offering both games and other content in native 4K. Another thing that has been confirmed is that for the first time, we will be able to broadcast games in 4K through Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming application.

Existing games on Xbox One will also benefit from the greater power of Xbox One X with better textures, framerates, and faster load times. That is to say: to get the most out of the Xbox One X, it will be necessary to have a 4K television, of that there is no doubt, but even those who do not have one be will able to experience improvements in the games concerning the Xbox One.

It has been confirmed that ‘Gears of War 4’, ‘Forza Horizon 3’, ‘Minecraft,’ ‘Resident Evil 7’, ‘Final Fantasy 15’, ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands,’ ‘Rocket League’ and another good lot of Xbox One games will receive free updates to harness the power of the Xbox One X. Some will be upgraded to run in native 4K. Many of them will be available on the console’s launch day.

Let’s remember one thing: the Xbox One X will not have exclusive games, but they can all be played on any console in the Xbox One family (Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X). The difference is that new games will get as much out of the Scorpio as possible, and existing ones may look better overall.

The same applies to accessories: all Xbox One will be used in Xbox One X.

And one last thing about this: Microsoft has announced that the original Xbox games will also arrive as backward compatible with the Xbox One family. The first of them will be ‘Crimson Skies,’ which will come this year.

Xbox One X Tech Specs

In the following table, we can see the main technical specifications of the Xbox One X compared to those of the Xbox One:

Xbox Scorpio Xbox One
CPU Eight custom 2.3GHz X86 cores Eight custom Jaguar cores at 1.75GHz
GPU 40 custom compute units at 1172MHz 12 853 MHz GCN computing units (Xbox One S: 914 MHz)
Memory RAM 12 GB GDDR5 8 GB DDR3/ 32 MB RAM
Bandwidth 326 GB/s DDR3: 68 GB/s, ESRAM máx. 204 GB/s (Xbox One S: 219 GB/s)
HDD 1 TB 2.5 inches 500GB / 1TB / 2TB 2.5-inch
Optical unit 4K UHD Blu-ray Blu-ray (Xbox One S: 4K UHD)

In addition to this, Xbox One X offers the following features:

  • Six teraflops of graphics performance
  • Lector de Blu-Ray 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR support for games and video content
  • Dolby Atmos sound system support

Xbox One X release date and price

The Xbox One X will be launched in Spain on November 7, 2017, for 499 euros and will arrive in several Spanish-speaking countries at the end of this year. However, prices in other regions such as Mexico or Colombia are still pending confirmation.