Netflix does not work: how to know if it is your thing or it is a problem of the platform

We are already in a new month, so it means that Netflix has released new movies and series. The popular video-on-demand platform, which has a plan for you to stop sharing your account, sometimes suffers the odd drop, and the user does not know if it is their problem or not. But there is a solution since we explain how to know if the error is from the platform or not.

The company itself has two sections on its website that will help you to know if it is your thing or is it a problem with the platform. In one of these sections, Netflix exposes whether the platform is working or not, so here you can already know if it is your problem or not. For example, when it is running, a message appears with a green tick along with the following text: “Netflix is ​​working! At the moment, we are not experiencing any interruption in our streaming service”.

In some specific moments, the service may crash, but in that same tab, you can find out the error. The company states that “if we experience an interruption in our streaming service, we will update this page with a description of the problem.” If the service does not work for you, but in this section, it appears that it is fully operational, then the problem is yours.

Netflix itself lets you know if it’s your problem or the platform’s problem.

Netflix itself lets you know if its your problem or the platforms problem. 2In case Netflix does not work for you but has not registered any fall, the platform itself offers a series of tips to reactivate the service. If the video-on-demand service is not working, you may be experiencing a network connectivity problem, a device problem, or even an issue with the app or your account.

If the problem is yours, to see the content again, you must check if any error code or message appears on the screen, then enter it in a search bar in the same section that will offer you more details about the problem. However, if there is no error code or message, you must search for the problem. Therefore, to know if Netflix has crashed or your problem, you have to access these two sections of the platform’s website to solve the mystery.