No, Amazon sales of Xbox One X have not risen due to a confusion with Series X. The author of the viral admits that it was a joke

Xbox One X with Series X

Maybe yesterday versus several messages that spoke of confusion between the name of Xbox One X and Xbox X Series. Since the announcement of the new generation of Microsoft, there has been speculation about the mess that the name could cause.

The idea of ​​a regular gamer confusing himself as a console does not add up too much, but that of a grandmother giving an Xbox One X instead of a Series X to her grandson (I want one of that grandmothers) seemed to gain traction in networks.

The rise in the ranking, but not a sales explosion

The runrún with the name was the perfect breeding ground for the tweet published a couple of days ago by @AndrewAlerts to go viral. It stated that sales Xbox One X had risen in Amazon’s ranking by 747% and referred to this possible confusion with the name.

Today the author of the tweet mentioned several of the media that had echoed the news, acknowledging that the joke had gotten out of hand:

“When a joke tweet goes wrong.”

With the rise of the joke, some voices such as Daniel Ahmad warned of the situation, assuring that the ranking of Amazon sales was not significant for such an alarming increase in sales.

For example, if Xbox One X was sold yesterday and two units are sold today, the previous ranking would reflect a generous increase despite the ridiculous figures.

In any case, Microsoft discontinued the manufacture of Xbox One X, leaving Xbox One S, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X as the only available units. Without new shipments to the stores, the ones that remain from other versions are the remaining units from previous shipments.