OnePlus 8T Review: A Very Fast Fast Charge And A Great Screen With 120Hz

We thoroughly tested OnePlus’ premium range smartphone. Features, price, and opinion of the new OnePlus 8T.

OnePlus has officially presented the new OnePlus 8T, its new premium range phone that is a big step forward compared to the OnePlus 8, a terminal with which it also shares some features.

So are the OnePlus 8T cameras 1

The camera software has been updated and now the night mode comes automatically, that is, the OnePlus 8T is capable of automatically switching to night mode in low light situations. The camera application of this terminal includes everything from video recording and slow motion, to photography, panorama, or portrait mode, among others. When taking a picture there are several options to take into accounts, such as the possibility of selecting color filters (this is where the monochrome sensor is accessed) or the timer, to take a picture after a few seconds. You can also find within the application a Pro mode with which to select both the ISO and other elements.

As for video recording, night mode can also be activated directly from the moon icon in the camera app and the sensor blocks the flickering of annoying lights, such as streetlights. The portrait mode also comes with new features, such as a square that follows the subject at all times, leaving it always defined, while the back area is blurred. It should also be noted that stabilization has been improved, including gyroscope information. However, the cameras comply but do not stand out, compared to other terminals.

In general, the photographs obtained to offer a positive result, achieving a high-level photographic experience. The images offer great quality and a high level of detail; in addition to a good dynamic range and correct color reproduction, although the software tends to overexpose the captures. As for night photography, the result is images with good details and good quality. The portrait mode also offers interesting images, since more precise snapshots are achieved and with a fairly high level of detail of the subject in the foreground. Of course, sometimes the background blur is not what you want. For its part, the front camera for selfies offers very good quality images full of details.

OnePlus 8T, opinion and final thoughts of Andro4all

OnePlus 8T opinion and final thoughts of Andro4all

Despite sharing some features, such as the front camera, the OnePlus 8T is a great evolution compared to the OnePlus 8. The new premium range of the Chinese firm offers a high-level experience and performance, as well as a really fast charge and an extraordinary 120Hz screen with which to enjoy any heavy title without problems, and that looks good. It should be noted that the device also stands out for having a fast and accurate on-screen fingerprint reader, and powerful and quality audio.

A high-end adjusted in price and performance, but that stands out for having great power, considerable fluidity, and outstanding performance. As points in favor are its elegant and comfortable design hand, it’s ultra-fast charging, its large screen, its excellent performance, and its user experience. On the other hand, the cameras are not outstanding and a headphone jack and wireless charging are missing, although they are not a problem when it comes to enjoying the device. In short, the OnePlus 8T will become one of the options to consider for Android users and more so keeping in mind its price: 599 euros.

Price and where to buy the OnePlus 8T

Price and where to buy the OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus 8T can be purchased from October 20 through the brand’s official website, as well as on Amazon. The 8 GB configuration with 128 GB of storage will be available in Aquamarine Green and Lunar Silver finishes for 599 euros.

On the other hand, the model with 12 GB of RAM with 256 GB of storage will only come in Aquamarine Green for 699 euros.

OnePlus 8T, opinion and note from Andro4all
Should you buy the OnePlus 8T?
In favor
  • An elegant design and is comfortable to the touch.
  • A great screen experience.
  • A very fast fast charge.
  • Some features penalize the battery.
  • Wireless charging and headphone jack are missing.
Conclusions The OnePlus 8T is a great evolution compared to the OnePlus 8. The new premium range of the firm offers a high-level experience and performance, as well as a really fast fast charge and an extraordinary screen. One of the phones of the year will become one of the options to consider for Android users.

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