Online Resources That Will Help With Your Job Search


Online Resources That Will Help With Your Job Search

Having a smartphone or PC is a great advantage in today’s world, especially if we are looking for a job. We can indeed use these devices to have a good time and entertain ourselves. In addition, we can resort to the numerous job offers that offer us good remuneration.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of all the resources you have at hand, we recommend using the best applications and websites to search for a job. These offer you the valuable opportunity to reach a large number of employers who may otherwise have been difficult to get close to.

Do not wait any longer and make your skills known to the world with these tools. What are some of the most important resources to guide you through the job searching process? We detail them in this guide.

Best job search resources: Which one to choose?

Surely you have heard about countless apps to search for work. LinkedIn is one of the most prominent for the variety of connections it allows you to make. However, you can choose other options that will surely help you in this search as well.

Why? Because there are not only pages to look for work. Although these offer great possibilities, you must expand to achieve much more. So, we have compiled some of the most important tools at the moment and we want to show them to you.

1. LinkedIn:


The first job site we recommend is LinkedIn. This platform has 10 million app downloads, so you can be sure it’s widely used. It is the perfect complement for social networking sites, and to access this application you have to have a LinkedIn account. It is a very intuitive app that also has a minimalist design which favors the job search. This application’s highlights:

– When you sign in with your LinkedIn profile, you don’t need to configure anything and it makes search suggestions that fit your profile (your experience and skills).

– On the other hand, there are offer notices that it sends every time it gathers 10 offers that could be of interest to the user, something very valuable if you don’t want to be looking all the time.

2. Indeed Jobs:

Thanks to its wide search range, with Indeed Jobs, you can enjoy a wide variety of job search options. Why is it one of the best job search apps? Because it is available in 50 countries. On the other hand, the wide range of jobs is excellent: more than 15 million job offers are at your fingertips.

Imagine that you want to relocate, but you do not want to go to the country you have considered without a job option at hand. You can access Indeed Jobs and apply for available openings in that country.

After obtaining something that suits your skills you pack your bags and arrive with what you need, but also with a lot of dreams that can be fulfilled thanks to this unique opportunity.

3. Leadar:

Are you looking for the best and most trusted employer? Or perhaps you want to reach out to former or current employees of some company to ask what it’s like to work there? Then you should not miss using Leadar. In addition, on this website, you can easily find talents and business contacts by their name, job title, location, social media, professional skills, education, company, and much more.

4. CornerJob:

CornerJob is one of the most prominent job search platforms. The offers that are published daily are aimed at people between 18 and 38 years old, so it is the favorite of young people. If you are a student and want to earn money while you finish your degree, this is your opportunity.

CornerJob has approximately 5 million downloads and stands out for its ease of use. What users like the most is the fact that when you download it, you are greeted by the welcome chat. There you will have complete information about how the application works and they will ask you questions to learn a little more about your profile and personal information. Also CornerJob:

– Generates job offers based on your profile.

– Filters options by job category and location.

– Is intuitive in use.

5. Job Today:

Jobtoday is one of the most recognized job search applications today thanks to its growing number of companies looking for candidates. Currently, the app has more than 1 million downloads. The description of the offers is minimalist and you will be able to use the application with great ease.

What makes Job Today stand out?

– A private chat with the company that has posted the job, so you can solve your doubts.

– Variety of filters, including location, keywords, and category of job offers.

– A map that shows the proximity to the company that has posted the job. This way you will know how easily you can access the company from your home.

– Important details that should not be taken for granted when doing a job search from the apps.

6. Monster:

Its name derives from the fact that it has been created for people who have great experience and a well-qualified profile. To apply for the existing job options in these companies you only have to:

– Sign up.

– Upload the CV indicating your skills.

– Start looking for job offers.

Monster makes it very easy for you because you can upload your resume directly from Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive so you don’t have to fill in data every time you apply.

How to create a good profile in apps to find job offers?

You must remember the following to take better advantage of the offers:

– Define your objectives: take a good look at the type of job you want and do not forget that your skills must be consistent with them.

– Constantly review the options: nothing is easy at first, so don’t give up if you don’t find what you’re looking for first. Being persistent is a key to success, so keep an eye on different vacancies.

– Make your profile unique: put your years of experience, your studies, and what you have worked on and get the most out of those lines that help you enhance your possibilities.

Hopefully, one of these resources will help you find your ideal job.