Play Space Invaders, the classic


Play Space Invaders the classic

The other day I read a funny curiosity about the classic ‘Space Invaders’: do you remember how the aliens accelerated as you killed them? The fewer aliens left on the screen, the faster they go. Therefore, the closer you are to the end of a screen, the more difficult it is. When only one invader is left on the screen, he goes so fast that it is tough to kill him.

As it turns out, this acceleration was not something intentional. The game used the CPU clock to calculate the range of movement of the baddies, and of course, the more minor villains, the faster the CPU goes. Then they liked the effect it produced and decided to quit.

It was funny because it reminded me of that era of PC games (when we had 286 and 386 computers) where many games would go faster if you had a more powerful computer.

I leave you the link to a pretty cool flash portrayal to have a classic party before the end of the year. By the way, it does not have the aforementioned ‘accelerator effect.’ A shame.

It’s on, and it has a certain nostalgic air about it.