Common Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make: How to Get Rid of a Speech Impediment


Common Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

The modern entertainment industry has changed dramatically in just ten years. Now, most people prefer to visit YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other sites to watch their favorite bloggers. By the way, you too can become a media person and increase your audience. The only problem is that you need to know some basic tips to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, you can surely encounter a speech impediment if you have never had public speaking experience. So, here are the common mistakes aspiring bloggers make and effective tips to improve your content.


Stuttering is a common problem for many newbies. Usually, such a speech defect has a developmental or neurogenic background. However, even stress and fear of public speaking is a serious problem for bloggers. For example, imagine that you want to say something to your audience, but you constantly interrupt your speech or repeat the same words or sounds. Surely you will be very ashamed because your audience will laugh at you. However, there are many effective ways to avoid this scenario. First, you should write a script for each video. Also, don’t forget that you need to practice.

Try recording a video a couple of times, or get friends to rehearse each sentence together. These voice exercises will take a long time, so you should visit the site to see who you can delegate your assignments to. Surely you do not want to be distracted by trifles and are interested in improving your speaking skills.

Unintelligible Speech

Imagine watching a video on YouTube and cannot understand a single word. How can anyone claim to be a blogger without basic public speaking skills? The fact is that unintelligible speech is a problem for any beginner. Your audience needs to understand what you want to say. Try to write every sentence and control your speech. You may achieve the desired result in a couple of days. Just keep talking and record all the talks. Surely you can get rid of such a problem with proper articulation.

Omitted Sounds

This problem is generally relevant for people using slang or some regional accent. The problem is saying “bo” instead of “boat” or something like that makes your speech illegible. It’s easier for people to find another YouTube video than trying to figure out what you’re saying. Learn to control your speech. It is possible that at first, you will have to do a lot of takes when shooting a video. In addition, you can use tongue twisters to get rid of omitted sounds. Start with light exercise and work your way up every day’s difficulty level.

Use of Gestures

If you often use gestures instead of words, this indicates a speech disorder. You may need to expand your vocabulary or see a doctor. However, there is also a shorter way. Usually, such problems arise from stress. Try to create a calm environment while recording video. You need to concentrate on the script and read every line carefully. You may have to record 20-30 takes more to select the best videos.

Inappropriate Pitch

Many beginners often choose the wrong intonation of speech volume. Such a defect is associated with a lack of experience, stress, or other factors. Either way, you should calm down. Do not forget that no one will punish you for your mistakes. So calm down and have some tea. You should also watch 5-10 YouTube videos and watch other bloggers talk. Most likely, you lack the composure and practice to achieve a successful result.

How to Improve Speech Skills Fast?

The problem is that newbies don’t have public speaking skills. That is why speech defects appear so clearly in every video. If you want to quickly get rid of such problems, you need experience. Arrange weekly meetings with friends and give a speech to them. You should also record videos to analyze your progress or isolate problems more often. Maybe your speech impediment was caused by stress or fear of the audience. Fortunately, such problems are easily solved, especially if you have enough time. In addition, you can turn to a speech therapist or other doctors who will help you if your problem is associated with any disease.

Final Words

Many people want to become bloggers. Moreover, you probably have talent and are worthy of a multi-million audience. But before you can ascend Olympus, you need to solve several problems. Constant practice, self-control, and stress reduction will help you become a truly interesting and popular media person. Find a way to practice daily speech and meditation to reduce your stress levels. Surely you can achieve success if you do not despair and spend a couple of months on self-development. Don’t be afraid to take a step forward. Surely you will be successful shortly.

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