How To Fix Onn TV Problems: Best Solutions

How To Fix Onn TV Problems
Onn TV Problems

When it comes down to choosing a TV brand that is affordable and of good quality compared to many, Onn TVs are the one. The Onn TV brand has made a name for itself and is popular among many.

However, these TVs are sometimes problematic, just like any other TV. It is not unheard of for users to experience black screen issues, soundbar issues, Onn TV not working, Onn TV won’t turn on among many other issues.

This article will expound on common individual Onn TV problems and their corresponding onn TV troubleshooting measures.

How Do I Fix Onn TV Problems

Troubleshooting most Onn TV problems does not require any professional skills; anyone can do it. Here are common Onn TV problems and their corresponding troubleshooting measures.

How to Turn On Onn TV without Remote

If you have lost your remote or that it is spoilt and you want to turn on Onn TV without a remote, you can either use the power button located at the sides or bottom of your TV or use the Roku app.

Most Onn TVs have emergency power buttons that you can use to turn them on. However, if your TV does not have a power button, you can always use the Roku app.

The Roku application is available for Android and iOS on Play Store and Apple Store, respectively. After downloading the application, you can use the remote feature to turn on your TV and to further control it.

To activate the remote feature on the Roku app, connect your mobile device and Onn TV to the same Wi-Fi network and;

  • Launch the Roku application.
  • Select the option devices.
  • Select your Onn TV and tap on the remote (plus) icon. If you can’t find your device, restart your mobile and TV and try again.

How Do I Fix Onn TV Remote Not Working?

Onn TV Remote Not Working

Onn TV remote issues could stem from something as minor as non-working batteries to physical damage. You need your remote to control your TV. And, in as much as you can control your Onn TV using the Roku application, there is a need to fix Onn TV remote not working eventually.

If your remote is damaged, you’ll need to get Onn remote replacement. If you are sure that it’s a temporary glitch, you can troubleshoot your remote by:

  • Checking the batteries: It is recommended that you replace the batteries of your remote every three to six months. Every three months if you use your remote regularly, and every six months if you do not use your remote regularly.
  • Checking for blocked infrared light: If there is any object standing between your remote and TV, you will experience remote control issues. Always ensure unobstructed transmission of signals between your TV and your remote. Moreover, always point your remote to your TV directly when trying to issue commands.
  • Restarting your remote: If issues with your remote persist, and you are sure that the batteries are working well and that nothing is blocking the IR light, you’ll need to restart your remote. A restart will fix any temporary glitches. To restart your Onn remote, remove its batteries, unplug the Onn TV from the power source, and wait for up to thirty seconds before plugging your TV back to the power source. Wait for your TV to power on, and, when it displays its logo, return the batteries to the remote and check if it is now working efficiently. If the issue persists, you may need to get Onn replacement remote.

How Do I Fix Onn TV Keeps Turning Off?

Onn TV Keeps Turning Off

If your Onn Roku TV keeps turning off either when you are using it, when you aren’t using it, or during the boot-up process, the issue could be tied to driver update. To fix an Onn TV that keeps turning off inexplicably, you’ll need to:

  • Unplug your TV alongside its external devices from the power source and let them sit like that for up to thirty seconds. Take a step further and remove audio connections and HDMI connections. Afterwards, connect all your connections carefully, one after the other, and check to see if the turning off issue has resolved.
  • If your TV stays long enough for you to check for system updates, consider doing exactly that. Sometimes, your TV may fail to conduct system updates. Update your TV by navigating through Settings> System> System Update> Check for Update. If there are updates, update your TV accordingly. If not, proceed to the next troubleshooting measure.
  • Switch off HDMI-CEC from the menu by using your remote to navigate through Settings> System> Control> Other Devices (CEC). Uncheck all the boxes, restart your TV and check if you can now use your TV without it turning off regularly.
  • As a final measure towards fixing turning off issues with your Onn Toku TV, you’ll need to reset your TV. If your TV stays on long enough, you can reset your TV using your remote by navigating through, Settings> System> Advanced System Settings> Factory reset. If your TV doesn’t stay on long rough for you to rest it using the first technique, you’ll need to reset it using the reset button at the back or on either side of your TV. Press the reset button for up to fifteen seconds and wait for your TV to boot up. Afterwards, check if your TV’s turning off issue is gone.

How Do I Fix Onn TV Black Screen

Black screens are a common experience for Onn TV users. Major culprits for Onn TV black screen include faulty cable connections, hardware issues, obsolete firmware, enabled sleep timers, and source issues. To fix black screen on your Onn TV, you’ll need to:

  • Check your cable connections: Faulty and loose connections will always cause issues with your TV connection. Therefore, ensure that all cable connections are finger tight and that your cables are neither damaged nor worn out. Replace damaged and worn out cables accordingly. If you can’t do cable replacements with immediate effect, get a technician to fix the cables for you.
  • Disable sleep timer: If you had initially turned on the sleep timer for your Onn TV, you’ll need to disable it.
  • Cross-check your external devices: In some instances, you may experience black screen Onn TV problems because one of your external devices is not working well. You need to ascertain that external components like the cable box and DVD media player are not the cause of the black screen. Check for each of the external devices’ cable connections and ensure they are secure, then, power them off and see if the black screen issues will disappear.

How Do I Fix Onn TV Won’t Turn On?

If your Onn TV won’t turn on for one reason or the other, here are troubleshooting measures you can use to fix it.

  • Remote issues are a leading cause for Onn TVs that won’t turn on. When experiencing this issue, ensure that your remote is not damaged in any way, and neither are the batteries low. In addition to that, ensure that nothing is blocking signal transmission from your remote to your TV.
  • Check for power source issues and loose cable connections. Although usually ignored, power source issues may be the culprit for an Onn TV that won’t turn on. Therefore, ensure that the power source to which your TV is connected, is working efficiently and that your connections are secure. Replace or fix any damaged cables.

How Do I Fix Onn TV Sound Issues

Onn TV sound issues can arise after your turn on your TV or when you are using your TV. Either way, you can resolve Onn TV sound issues in the following ways.

  • Checking if external hardware like soundbars is working as intended. If you rely on onn soundbars for sound and they are either damaged or not connected properly, you will encounter sound issues with your TV.
  • Checking if the Onn TV remote and soundbar remote are working efficiently. Always replace the batteries of your remote every three to six months. If your remote is damaged beyond repair, consider getting a replacement.
  • Performing a power cycle is sometimes all your system needs to fix temporary glitches like Onn TV sound issues. To perform a power cycle, switch off your TV, unplug it and its components from the power source, wait for up to a minute, and plug in your devices to a power source, wait for them to boot up, and check if your issue has resolved.


Many people believe that Onn TVs are problematic because of their pricing. Users have reported different Onn TV problems. If you are one of such users, use the guide above to resolve different issues you may experience with your Onn TV. If all the issues above persist, contact Onn electronics customer service team for further help.